Family Favorites

Here are some of our favorite games to play as a family.

There’s nothing quite like gathering around a table and having a bunch of fun together as a family. There are so many options available in games, that we can always find one that fits the mood we’re in that day/evening/night. These are the board and card games that we’ve posted reviews for on our site and collectively rate 4 (out of 5) or above and love to play together. Are they the best family board games and card games ever? That’s for you to decide. But we believe they’re certainly some of the best family board games out there.

See if your family might enjoy some of these games too. You can also see what we consider to be the Top 10 “Must-Have” Family Board Games and Top 10 “Must Have” Family Card Games.

Telestrations party gameBlokus7 WondersTicket to Ride: EuropeSantorini board gameUbongo family board gameKingdomino family board gameQueendomino family board gameForbidden DesertKingdom BuilderDominionDominion: SeasideSmallworldMemoir '44TsuroSlide Blast family board gameStar Wars: Imperial Assault board gameStar Wars: Rebellion board gameDescent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd EditionNew York 1901 board gameBlack Fleet the board gameRoboRallyKing of New York board gameDice Forge family dice gameDimension board gamePotion Explosion board gameMysterium board gameRoll for the Galaxy dice gameSteampunk Rally board gameBetween Two Cities board gameAbyss board gameSheriff of Nottingham board gameLanterns: The Harvest Festival board gameKaruba board gameAmerica trivia board gameHarry Potter Hogwarts Battle card gameClue Harry Potter board gameSpeechless Party gameDead Men Tell No Tales board gamePandemicPandemic On The BrinkTimeline Challenge board gameMagic MindsBrain FreezeOh Captain bluffing gameThunderstoneSequenceCodenames Pictures party gameCodenames Party gameIce Cool board gameBANG!BANG! Dodge CityLuchador dice gameLord of the Rings: The ConfrontationCastles of Mad King LudwigMastermindWord on the StreetWord on the Street JuniorStar Trek Panic board gameLegendary Inventors board gameBurgle Bros. cooperative board gameBattlestar Galactica the board gameCoup card gameSteampunk Rally board gameDead of Winter board gameLove Letter: The Hobbit card gameLove Letter: Batman card gameOnitamaClueCan't Stop dice gameDuplik party gameRISK: LegacyRoll Through the AgesForbidden IslandScythe board gameCarcassonneCarcassonne: Inns and CathedralsCash 'n GunsCastle PanicPower GridGravwell board gameStipulations party gameMamma Mia!QuartoHiveKing of Tokyo: Power Up!Knock Your Blocks OffReverse Charades JuniorSurvive: Escape from Atlantis!FlipOutCity Square Off1775 Rebellion board gameFast Flowing Forest FellersSay Anything Family EditionWits & Wagers FamilyWits and Wagers PartyEscape The Curse of the TempleAlien Frontiers board gameSnake OilTime's Up: Title RecallMartian DiceMystery of the AbbeyNinja versus NinjaFastrackIncan GoldIngeniousPentagoPentago MultiplayerBring Your Own Book card gameYinshLemming MafiaTrollhallaSettlers of CatanAnomia party gameDefenders of the RealmSounds Like A PlanCatch Phrase!Monkey LabTobagoShadows Over CamelotHey, That's My FishCursesCursesPony ExpressBridge TrollShake 'N Take

What are some of your favorite board games to play as a family?
We’d love to hear about the games you enjoy.
Also feel free to send us suggestions on games that you’d like to see us review.