2-Player Games

Are you looking for some great board games or card games to go head-to-head with someone?
Then check out some of these great games.

The first section below highlights board games and card games we’ve reviewed that can only be played with 2 players. The second section highlights games that can be played with more players, but are also fantastic if just played with 2 players.

2-Player Games

Memoir '44HiveLord of the Rings: The ConfrontationQuartoYinshCity Square OffLonghorn board gameMastermindPentagoFastrackStar Wars: Empire vs. RebellionNinja versus NinjaNinja: Legend of the Scorpion ClanConfusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War1775 Rebellion board gameOthelloKahuna board gameCoerceo board gameQuadefyEternasFoodfighters board gameRockTick Attack Toe


Other great games when played with just 2

QuoridorBlokusUbongo family board gameIngeniousEscape The Curse of the TempleKnock Your Blocks OffNew York 1901 board gamePentago MultiplayerDominionSmallworldCan't Stop dice gameRISK: Star Wars: The Clone WarsForbidden IslandRoll Through the AgesCarcassonneCarcassonne: Inns and CathedralsPirate versus PirateDominionTsuroMartian DiceSequenceFast Flowing Forest FellersHey, That's My FishDuck! Duck! Go!

What games do you love to play head-to-head with someone?