Have fun shooting lasers in Khet!

Khet board game box

Use the mirrors to bounce your laser to take our your opponent in Khet!

How would you like to play a board game with lasers?

Ask that of any kid and I bet you’d get a quick and resounding, “Yes!”

In fact, ask any adult and you’re likely to get the same response.

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with Khet!

In Khet, 2 players face off bouncing lasers around the chess-like game board trying to zap their opponent’s pharaoh.

Check out Caleb’s video review to see how to play and why he likes the game so much.

Can the whole family enjoy Khet?

I first saw Khet almost a decade ago and was immediately interested in playing.

However, there was one big problem – I couldn’t find it anywhere to buy a copy.

So when I saw it come up for trade a few years ago, I jumped at the chance. And I’m very glad I did because Khet is a great game for everyone in the family to play.

Khet board game

Get your laser to hit your opponent’s pharaoh for the win!

Like many abstract strategy games, Khet is a great game for a mental challenge.

Yet it’s more than just a challenge about moving pieces on a board. It’s a spacial and geometric challenge as well.

It’s great for young kids as they develop their minds in many ways. It’s great for older kids to hone their strategic thinking. And it’s great for adults as well to keep their minds sharp.

In a lot of strategy games, the piece that gets moved is the one that does the capturing. However, in Khet a killing move is often far away from the actual target. So players have to keep an eye on multiple options when pieces are moved and rotated.

As Caleb says in his video review, the most fun moments are those when you surprise your opponent with a simple twist that makes a big impact.

Khet board game

It’s fun playing with lasers and seeing where they shoot.


How does Khet score on our “Let’s Play Again” game meter?

Khet scores high on our “let’s play again” game meter for a few reasons.

First of all, the game is a relatively quick game so it’s easy to play many games in a row. Though we say it’s chess-like, it doesn’t take near as long to play as chess. Players don’t take forever contemplating their moves like they do in chess. There are less pieces and they each only have a couple options of movement. So player’s turn happens more quickly. Plus, players don’t have to move pieces clear across the board to take out the pharaoh – the laser does all the work as it bounces around the board in a flash.

Khet board game

The standard starting positions are only one way to set up the game. The possibilities are endless.

Khet board gameThe next reason is the amount of different starting formations means a lot of replay options. The game rules show a few different ways to set up the pieces to begin a game. However, players are free to set up the game however they’d like. There’s probably no way to exhaust the possibilities of starting configurations.

But the most important reason why we like playing over and over is because it’s a fun head-to-head, 2-player challenge with lasers!

We highly recommend adding Khet to your family game shelf.



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