Coerceo Board Game Giveaway! (and review)

Coerceo board game

Coerceo is a fun 2-player, abstract strategy board game.

When it comes to abstract board games, it’s great to go head-to-head against another player.

That’s why there are plenty of 2-player abstract strategy board games to choose from.

The most popular of course are Chess, Checkers, and Go.

Well, we’ve got another fun one for you to try: Coerceo!

And if you’re lucky, you may be able to win your own copy of the game!

Read on to see how you can win a new, in-shrink copy of Coerceo.

What is Coerceo?

Similar to Chess, Checkers, and Go, in Coerceo players compete by capturing the opponent’s pieces. However, unlike those other games, in Coerceo the game board shrinks as the game progresses – keeping opponents close together throughout the game.

The pyramid shaped pieces in Coerceo are fantastic, the modular board is great, but the real fun is in the strategic choices of capturing pieces and tiles to win the game.

The best way to get a feel for the game, and to learn how to play, is to watch our short video review of Coerceo.

Can the whole family enjoy Coerceo?

Coerceo board game

The starting layout in Coerceo.

Coerceo is definitely a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

As you can see in our video review, Coerceo requires strategic thinking to do well. While there may not be many rules, players will have to stay sharp throughout the game to stay one step ahead of their opponent.

We’ve found that the triangular playing pieces and triangular board spaces alone create new twists for players to think through. That slight adjustment from square spaces of typical game boards requires a bit more thinking. Figuring out the best way to maneuver pieces will take some getting used to.

And since players can turn in 2 game board tiles to automatically remove an opponent’s piece, capturing game tiles is also an important aspect of the game. And players will want to keep that aspect in mind as well when maneuvering their pieces.

With those aspects in mind, you may consider Coerceo best suited for adults and teenagers.

However, we think those are actually the same reasons why Coerceo is a great game to introduce to young family members.

Coerceo board game

Coerceo has fantastic components!

Learning Coerceo can be a great way for youngsters to develop their mental prowess.

Now, you don’t want to get down to the toddler level of course. But we’d definitely recommend introducing the game to kids at 6 or 7 years old.

Depending on your child, you may want to throw in your own house rules to help them out a bit – like giving them all the tiles that are removed from the game board so only they can turn them in to capture one of your pieces.

Coerceo board game

We love how the shrinking board keeps the heat on.


Modular boards for variety

As we’ve shown in our video review, the initial game board layout for Coerceo is established in the rules. It’s pretty uniform and gives each player a balanced starting position.

However, if you’re looking for an extra twist, go ahead and create your own starting board layout and starting positions. Since it’s a modular board, what better way to experiment with the game than to try your own layout designs.

In fact, there are a few variants listed on the Coerceo website, including:
Winning‘. This variation is a modification of the existing game rules containing an alternative winning rule.
Short game‘. This variation contains a boardsetup using less tiles and pieces making it a short play.
Game notation‘. This supplement contains the preferred method used to record a game play of Coerceo.
Tournament rules‘. This supplement contains the preferred rules used in a Coerceo tournament.


How does Coerceo score on our “Let’s Play Again” game meter?

Coerceo scores well on our “let’s play again” game meter. When we’re in the mood for a 2-player, abstract board game we like the variety of having new ways to think.

And the uniqueness of the triangular pieces and board spaces in Coerceo creates a great setting for thinking in new ways. Each 2-player abstract game we have delivers it’s own mental exercises. And that’s why Coerceo maintains it’s spot on our game shelves amongst other great 2-player games.


Buy a copy of Coerceo

The best place to Buy a copy of Coerceo is directly from the Coerceo website. They offer free shipping worldwide and you can use PayPal for payment.

Coerceo board game

Who’s going to win?


Win a copy of Coerceo!!

Now’s your chance to win your own copy of Coerceo.

One month from today (Feb 19, 2015) we’re going to draw a lucky winner to receive a new, in-shrink copy of Coerceo.

Coerceo was first published in 2011 and the game is currently hard to find in stock in game stores. So winning a copy is a great way to go.

(Of course, winning something is always a fun way to go.)

Coerceo board gameAnd we’re not limiting the winner to any particular geography – we’re happy to cover the cost of shipping anywhere in the world.

So no matter where you live, get in on the drawing!

So how can you enter?

It’s simple. For every one of these activities, you’ll get an entry in the drawing. And some of these entries you can do multiple times to get even more entries.

The more entries you get, the better chances you’ll have. 

Good luck!

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I love 2-player games! There never seems to be enough of them!



With a house FULL of youngsters (6,4,1.5) and my wife and my enjoyment of abstract mind benders, this would be great to have in the collection. Thanks for the contest guys, keep up the great work!



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Kyle Kennedy-LeBlanc

I wish you guys best of luck in perusing your passions in gaming and I appreciate you bring this game to light for me.



Cool review guys. I like the look of this game. It looks like another game called zertz, in terms of the board being reduced during play. The idea to use the pieces is interesting as well, creating more options for players in a jam. Keep making your videos. 🙂



    Timothy – We haven’t played Zertz before, but are interested in it. Zertz is part of the Gipf series of abstract games of which is one of our favorites: Yinsh.



Game looks really interesting, hoping to win a copy to play with coworkers!



I’ve wanted a copy of this game for so long. In fact, I once tried to make a set out of Looney Pyramids and Martian Coasters, but the topology was way off. 🙁 Thanks for the review… the desire to get this beauty is growing once again. 😮



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I love the simplicity of this game! So many games absolutely are soaked in theme but leave something to be desired in actual game play. Who would have thought pyramid dice could be used in such an intriguing way. I like how the board shrinks that really got me interested, adding a whole new layer of strategy.



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I used to play backgammon and chess with my dad before he passed in 2000. I’m into the hobby but just getting back to these 2 player strategy games. Last week I brought back out the backgammon board for fun. I think this hits home for me and I live the removing tile strategy. Thanks for posting about coerceo!



I just love the simplicity on the surface and the strategic depths with these kind of games! And it seems like the diminishing board makes it even more interesting since the games will be different every time…

Thanks for reviewing it! Would really like to hear more what you think about all the GIPF games.

Hope for the best in the contest… 🙂



    Bjorn – The diminishing board really is a great part of the game. In regards to the GIPF series, we’ve only played one so far – YINSH – which is one of our favorite 2-player games. We’re looking forward to trying the rest as well.



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