5 Fun Games for You and Your Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day

Play some fun games with your Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Since our site is totally focused on fun family games, we’re guessing if you’re visiting you’ve got someone special to celebrate today with.

Either you’ve already tied the knot, you have kids, and you’re looking for games for the family or you’re on the road to starting a family and looking ahead to playing games with your kids. At least, that’s the majority of visitors to our site.

(We know there are plenty of other situations our visitors find themselves in as well.)

It’s fun to play games with your kids. But it’s also nice to get in some games without the kids as well.

That’s why today we’re going to focus on just you and your sweetheart!

Here are 5 fun 2-player games you can enjoy together.


Codenames Duet

If you followed our reviews, you’ll already know how much we enjoy playing Codenames and Codenames: Pictures. Well, now there’s a version of Codenames made specifically for 2 players – Codenames: Duet!

In all other versions of Codenames, players split into team and compete to be the first team to discover all their agents.

But in Codenames: Duet, 2 players work together to discover all their agents among the grid of words.

We really enjoy this new, cooperative version of Codenames.

It’s a great game for couples because it tests your ability to think on the same wavelength. You’re both taking turns giving clues to each other to find the right matches in the grid.

See how well you think like your Valentine with Codenames: Duet.

Codenames Duet card game

Codenames Duet is a very fun way to play Codenames with just 2 players.


7 Wonders Duel

If cooperating isn’t what you have in mind when you sit down for a game with your Valentine, then perhaps you want to switch out “Duet” for “Duel” and go with 7 Wonders Duel.

Built on the popularity of one of our favorite card games, 7 Wonders Duel uses the same iconography and basic principles of building up your civilization through various types of cards. But the game play is tailored specifically for 2 players.

While you’re still battling over who can come out on top, 7 Wonders Duel isn’t a cutthroat type 2-player game. Since you’re both building up your own civilizations, the game feels more constructive than other games. Even if you don’t win, you can feel a sense of accomplishment in how you’ve developed your world.

7 Wonders Duel card game

7 Wonders Duel is a great way to play 7 Wonders with just 2 players.


City Square Off

If your Valentine has more of a mind for puzzles, you may want to play City Square Off instead.

City Square Off is a short game where players build out their own city of Tetris-like pieces without going over the edges.

Rather than direct conflict in building on the same board and blocking each other, players have their own playing board where they place their pieces. Each turn a card is flipped over showing which shape piece players must place in their city. Players place their pieces simultaneously on their board and continue until someone can’t place a piece without it spilling over their city boundary.

It’s such a quick and light game, it’s easy to play multiple games in a row with your Valentine.

City Square Off board game

Who can build the most efficient city?


Telepathy Magic Minds

Another quick 2-player game that’s great for couples is Telepathy Magic Minds.

In Magic Minds you’ll get the chance to find out if you can read each other’s mind.

Ok, so it’s not really mind-reading.

In Telepathy Magic Minds players begin by secretly choosing a square on their 18 x 18 grid. They then take turns trying to guess the other player’s square. Each space has 4 characteristics (row, column, object, color) and if any one of the characteristics matches with the secret square, the player says, “yes”. If none match, the player says, “no”. So by process of elimination, players will work to determine their opponent’s secret space before their own space is correctly guessed.

Who’s stronger with their deductive reasoning, you or your Valentine?

Telepathy Magic Minds

How about a little deduction with your Valentine?


The Game on Fire

If civilization-building, spatial-positioning, or deduction isn’t your Valentine’s cup of tea. How about just pulling out a simple cooperative card game?

In The Game on Fire, players work together to place all 98 cards from the deck.

And it’s definitely easier said than done because the catch is in how players get rid of their cards.

There are 4 piles players can place cards on from their hand. Two of the piles will go in ascending order and the other two piles will go in descending order. The amount of numbers between the card showing and the one played doesn’t matter — as long as it’s correctly higher or lower.

The Game on Fire is a game that doesn’t require much set up and is both light and engaging — a perfect combination for a game you can play with your Valentine.

The Game card game

Getting rid of your cards is easy. It’s getting rid of all of them that’s hard.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!



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