What are your Top 100 board games?


Chess tops the best board game list.

We recently stumbled across a list of best board games at Ranker.com. This website provides a way for people to create lists and have others vote on the items on the list. Items will move up or down the list depending on the votes.

At the time we saw the list, there had been just over 7,000 people cast their votes. These were the top 76 board games of all time according to the voters.

How many have of these board games have you played?

We’ll admit that’s a pretty good list of board games. Having played 46 of them you can see that many get our vote as well. And there are still plenty on the list that are on our ‘want to play’ list.

Twilight Struggle board game

Twilight Struggle tops the BoardGameGeek.com best board games list.

However, another list that we’d highly suggest you check out for great board games and card games is the Top 100 Games listed on BoardGameGeek.com.

Rather than just 7,000 voters like the list above, the BoardGameGeek.com list is compiled from MILLIONS of gamers around the world ranking their favorite games. Just take for example the 2nd game on this list – Agricola. It alone has received over 30,000 votes!

From this list however, we’ve only played 22 games. Going off of this list, we still have plenty of great board games and card games yet to play!

Better get playing…

What would you put at the top of a Best Board Games list?


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If I look at the greatest games of all times as the games that have had the most influence, then I’d say the ranker.com is pretty close to accurate. However since they put in the description the words “most fun” I’d have to say the majority of those games don’t belong on there. And a lot of the ones remaining would be towards the bottom of my top 100. It did have a few of my top 10 though.

The board game geek list is a lot closer at least of the games I’ve played. Coincidentally I’ve also played 22 of the top 100 on BGG, but I know it’s not the same 22 you’ve played.

Since you asked about the tops of our lists. My top 10 favorite (for “most fun”): 1. Dominion 2. Cosmic Encounter 3. 7 Wonders 4. Ghost Stories 5. Thief of Baghdad 6. Mage Knight 7. Clans 8. Race for the Galaxy 9. Chaos in the Old World 10. Dungeon Lords

Beyond that it gets a little fuzzy to choose a top 100.




    Aaron – I’d agree with you on the Ranker list about ‘most fun’. And I believe you’re right on which 22 of the top BGG games we’ve both played. Thanks for sharing your Top 10 games!




I dont agree with the not fun factor of rankers list. There is a significant difference between rankers and BGG’s list. You don’t see Uno, Cranium, Apples to Apples and the like on the BGG’s list. That’s simply because most board game aficionados prefer a more “sophisticated” type of game and that is usually who submits their vote on BGG. My Mom for example would not have fun playing Twighlight struggle – Rankers list is far more accurate when it comes to diversity. Oh, lets see my top 10
Heroclix, Game of thrones, cards against humanity, Magenight, Heroscape, DOminion, King of Tokyo, 7 Wonders, Descent Journeys in the dark, Settlers, pandemic, ticket to ride




    Mark – You’re absolutely right about fun being subjective. There are plenty of games I think are a ton of fun, but just the thought of them makes her cringe – like Power Grid.




Great list Trent thank you for taking the time and putting it together, I’m going to check each and every one of them out.

And since everyone is making their top 10, here is mine:
1. Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, Chess, King of Tokyo, Game of Thrones, Apples to Apples, Balderdash, Eldritch Horror, Ticket to Ride, Dominion.




Board game party Mike and I are big fans of board games! This New Year’s we’re excited to crack open Telestrations, try Cards Against Humanity, and guaranteed fun Catchphrase, Settlers, Cranium, and more!




Any chance of kids favorite board games?




Does any one have the game of RICH-HI-RICH?
its a very old board game which was about selecting different professions and had dollars as currency.
i have lost the board but still have the things to play.
the best game ever i have played.




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