Cover Your Kingdom – coming soon!

Cover Your Kingdom card game
Will you recruit the most valuable creatures to your kingdom?

A few days ago, we reviewed a fun family card game by Grandpa Beck’s Games called Cover Your A$$ets.

Well, today we’re happy to preview their upcoming game that’s a follow-up of sorts to that popular game. It’s called Cover Your Kingdom and it has the same basic flow of play but with a number of fun additions and twists.

Cover Your Kingdom isn’t yet available to purchase, but starting in a couple days – June 4 to be precise – you’ll be able to pledge for a copy (or more) of the game on Kickstarter.

Regular visitors to our site and viewers of our video reviews will know we rarely share Kickstarter campaigns. But every long once in a while, there’s an exception. And this is one of those exceptions!


Because we love playing Grandpa Beck’s Games!

Cover Your A$$ets and Skull King quickly became family favorites and Cover Your Kingdom falls right in line with those fun games!

Another way you can tell we’ve had a great time playing Cover Your Kingdom is that our review is a video review!

We’ve slowed down on the number of video reviews we’ve done over the last couple years in favor of mostly written reviews. But this is yet another exception for this game.

Check out our video review of Cover Your Kingdom!


Can the whole family enjoy Cover Your Kingdom?

Like other Grandpa Beck’s Games, Cover Your Kingdom is a fantastic card game for families!

It’s easy to learn, quick to play, has a good amount of luck, and lots of player interaction. Oh, and it’s very colorful and punny.

Much like we said for Cover Your A$$ets, ages 8+ is a good gauge. That’s because the player interaction involves taking good stuff away from other players and young kids may not like that aspect of the game.

Other than than, yes, everyone in the family can enjoy playing!

Cover Your Kingdom card game
We’re not amassing assets any more. Now we’re building a kingdom of crazy creatures.

In fact, kids are going to be drawn to Cover Your Kingdom much more than Cover Your A$$ets simply because of the theme. What kid cares about getting those boring assets when they can instead score some fun creatures for their kingdom?

Even though I covered both how to play and what we liked about the game in our video preview, here are the highlights of what we love about Cover Your Kingdom.

Lots of player interaction: Cover Your Kingdom is full of player interaction. While Cover Your A$$ets has player interaction from stealing sets of assets from other players, Cover Your Kingdom has even more! That’s because every player has 2 stacks of cards going on. Since you can only steal the top set of cards from a player, this essentially doubles the opportunity for taking from your opponents than in its predecessor. And those opportunities don’t go to waste!

Cover Your Kingdom card game
This large clan of Klaken’s is leaving the game!

Simple and quick to play: Cover Your Kingdom is a breeze to play. Everyone has a hand of 6 cards and you can take 1 or 2 actions on your turn. And those actions are super straightforward. Just try to make pairs of cards to add to your kingdom in a few different ways. You take your quick turn and it moves on to the next player.

Plenty of luck: In fact, the game is packed with luck. If you don’t like luck in your games, you won’t like Cover Your Kingdom. But for everyone else, have a blast!

Choice of 1 or 2 actions: We also like having the option to take a second action on our turns. It feels like we can do more during the game while still having turns go by quickly. That way, if we need to discard and draw another card, it may be a card we need to be able to add another clan to our kingdom on the same turn.

Cover Your Kingdom card game
What can I do with these cards on my turn?

One and done: This element comes in comparison to Cover Your A$$ets. Because in that first game, you play through the deck of cards multiple times until a player reaches $1,000,000. In a way that balances the luck of the card draws because it may even out over different rounds. But in Cover Your Kingdom, you only play through the thick deck once. In essence, you get one chance to build your kingdom. We like that simplicity in this style of game.

Colorful and punny: We’re not shy in admitting that colorful games attract our attention. And Cover Your Kingdom delivers on being an eye-pleasing game because of the artwork. It’s also full of fun puns and hidden gems!

A quick look at any of the cards and you’ll find a fun mix of elements from fantasy and sci-fi references. I would have never thought of crossing Star Trek with Lord of the Rings, but Grandpa Beck’s Games has with the VulcEnt.

Cover Your Kingdom card game
The creatures we can recruit in this game are awesome!

Special action cards: As if stealing/recruiting clans from other players wasn’t enough interaction, players also get a chance to throw a wrench into the mix through special action cards. They’re always fun to throw down on your opponents!

Cover Your Kingdom card game
There are only 2 of each special action card in the game.

As you can tell, we think Cover Your Kingdom will be another great game to add to your game shelves.

If you’d like to get in on the action and get a copy for your family, check out the Cover Your Kingdom Kickstarter campaign (starting June 4).

Cover Your Kingdom card game
My kingdom at the end of the game. I came in last with 230 points.

We’d like to thank Grandpa Beck’s Games for a review copy of Cover Your Kingdom

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  • June 3, 2019 at 6:54 am

    I’l be backing this one for sure. Difbt know about it until I got this te view email. Our family has really enjoyed G.Becjs games. Our kids love cover your assets. Small cheap highly repayable game.

  • July 5, 2019 at 3:54 am

    Thanks for such an interesting game here. I was searching for something like that for quite a long time and at last I have found it here.

    • July 6, 2019 at 10:40 am

      Leonard – We’re happy to hear you’ve found it here.


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