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The Board Game Family

They just don’t stop growing up!

We started doing video reviews of family board games, card games, and dice games as well as writing articles about the importance of family time in the fall of 2009.

As of March 2017, we’ve posted reviews of more than 340 fun family games!

We’ve also written over 330 family and gaming related articles to help you enjoy bonding time with your family.

While we’ve had fun doing reviews and writing about family time, we’ve also loved hearing from people all over the world. When we get comments from parents and future parents in distant countries about their family time it helps brighten our day as well.

The Board Game Family

The Board Game Family up a nearby canyon the year we started this game reviewing endeavor.

So who is The Board Game Family?
Trevor – oldest son, pianist extraordinaire, musical theater, game hobbiest
Jaden – second son, inventor and avid reader, game strategist
Brooke – favorite daughter, gymnast, soccer player, dancer, game enthusiast
Caleb – youngest son, Mr. Smiles and Energy, soccer player, karate student, gamus maximus
Mom and Dad – spend our efforts trying to build a strong and happy family

What are the other things that keep us busy?

Like most families, there are always plenty of activities that keep us busy. For us, they include work, school and homework, church and volunteer activities, sports (wide mix), boy scouts, youth groups, and everything else that keeps the engine running and the home in good order.

And that’s why we play board games. With so much going on every day, we really need time to connect as a family and enjoy time together sitting around a table and laughing. So we make the time to pull out a game and have fun.

Our Board and Card Game Rating System

5 Meeples Rating System

We use a 5 Meeple Rating Scale

We rate games on a popular 5 point scale. Of course, since we’re reviewing games, it can’t simply be a “5-star” rating system. So we rate our games on a 5-Meeple” scale.

What’s a Meeple? you ask. Well, we don’t know exactly when the name first surfaced, but as close as we can tell it stands for miniature people. It’s the cool little wooden people that are found in many games (originally from “Euro-Games”) – the most popular of which is Carcassonne.

If you have any comments or suggestions for us (about our reviews, the site, games to play, etc.), we’d love to hear about it.

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