Broken Token box organizers are fantastic!

The Broken Token game insert

Let’s get our 7 Wonders game and expansions into 1 box!

With so many board games in our game closet, we’re always looking for ways to organize our games to save space.

Some of the culprits that take up shelf space are game expansions.

When the games we love come out with game expansions, what are we to do?

We know the graphic artists have spent a lot of time creating cool designs for the expansion box art. But when shelf space is limited, that expansion box may be toast.

After all, the first thing to try when looking to save on space is to combining the original game and game expansions into one box.

We’ve written about a few of our original/expansion consolidation efforts before. With Kingdom Builder we simply took the insert from the expansion game, Nomads, and used it in the original game box and everything fit nicely. For Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition we made a video showing how we fit an expansion and the conversion kit all into the original box using our homemade foam core game organizer.

The extreme rise in popularity of board games over the last decade has given rise to even more game storage solutions.

Today there are a number of different companies selling different types of board game inserts / box organizers. And they keep coming up with more fantastic ways to keep your game components secure and safe in their game boxes.

(Because culprit #2 on the storage-space-annoyance list are game boxes that are way too big for the amount of components inside. #SoMuchDeadSpace)

Currently, the most popular board game inserts company is The Broken Token.

And now that we’ve assembled our first Broken Token box organizer, it’s easy for us to see why.

Simply put, they’re fantastic!

The Broken Token game insert

Everything has it’s place with a Broken Token box organizer!


The Broken Token 7 Wonders Box Organizer

7 Wonders is one of our favorite family card games. Since it’s a game that even hits mom’s favorite board games list, we were definitely going to buy some of the game expansions.

If you’re not familiar with 7 Wonders, you may not know that the game comes with a wonderful molded insert. All the different types of cards have their own spots and all the tokens have their own compartment as well.

The cards and tokens that came with the Leaders and Cities expansions could also fit in the original box.

However, once we bought a copy of 7 Wonders Babel, we were out of luck because of how many new elements it adds into the game.

The Broken Token game insert

Like the original game, 7 Wonders Babel comes with a molded insert.

The Babel expansion comes with its own molded insert to contain all of its own components. So both game boxes could sit nicely by each other on the game shelf.

But with The Broken Token 7 Wonders box organizer, they don’t have to!

Now even the 7 Wonders Babel components can all fit in the original 7 Wonders game box with room to spare!

The Broken Token game insert

Plenty of space for more cards and tokens.


Assembling The Broken Token box organizer

I know what many of you are wondering — “Doesn’t it take a lot of time to put together an intricate game insert / box organizer?”

Well, I’m happy to report that The Broken Token box organizers are a breeze to put together!

Making our Descent foam core game organizer definitely took a long time. And even earlier this summer when I put together another wooden box organizer of Castles of Mad King Ludwig, it took quite some time. There was a lot of sanding of edges and gluing pieces together.

However, with The Broken Token box organizer absolutely every piece snapped together and held together so easily.

I was actually amazed at how little time it took to put together.

The Broken Token game insert

The Broken Token pieces snap together very easily.

The organizer pieces come in scored sheets. So the first step is separating the individual box elements from the sheets. The sheets were scored so nicely, that the pieces didn’t require hardly any force to separate. And they separated cleanly. I think there was only one piece where I had to sand an edge a bit.

The Broken Token assembly instructions were also very easy to follow.

All I had to do was lay out the correctly shaped pieces to make the diagram and then snap them all together.

And it really was a snap.

The pieces fit snuggly together without requiring too much pressure. Yet, they also held together firmly once in place without the need of glue.

The Broken Token game insert

All the edges fit together smoothly.


The Extra Touches

I also love the extra little touches that The Broken Token includes with their box organizers.

For the 7 Wonders box organizer, that meant something as simple as using game symbols in the bottom of the token trays.

With the token trays, you really don’t even need to take the tokens out of the trays while playing. Instead you can pull the tokens as needed from the tray during game play.

However, if you do happen to have tokens all over the table at the end of a game, the symbols in the trays make it so simple to know which tokens go in which spaces.

Love it!

The Broken Token game insert

The token trays have matching symbols to know what goes where.

Another small thing that’s very nice are the card dividers.

In 7 Wonders, there are 3 Ages to the game and each Age has its own set of colored cards.

With The Broken Token box organizer, the 3 Age decks all have their own space. And the size of that space is completely adjustable.

If you’re a player that likes to sleeve their cards, then you’ll have plenty of room for that as well.

The Broken Token game insert

Plenty of room for even more 7 Wonders cards.

The last thing we’ll mention about The Broken Token 7 Wonders box organizer is the room for the game rules.

As you can see in the image above, the box organizer leaves room above for both the Babel board as well as the game rules. And when you’re adding in the original plus expansion games rules, it’s good to have space above the components. The Broken Token box organizer leaves just the right amount of space for all of that.

The Broken Token game insert

The Babel board and game rules fit in nicely as well.

I also stopped by The Broken Token booth at Gen Gon 2016 to tell them how much I liked their box organizer for 7 Wonders. They had plenty of others on display and they all look fantastic.

If you’re looking for a good organizer for your game components, definitely check out The Broken Token!

(Now it’s time to put together the box organizers for Among the Stars and Cosmic Encounter. Yes, our full reviews of those games are yet to come…)

The Broken Token game insert

Next on our assembly list: Among the Stars & Cosmic Encounter

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We’d like to thank The Broken Token for a review copy of the 7 Wonders box organizer.


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Now splurge & get the 7 Wonders coins from The Broken Token—they are awesome! Not cheap — but maybe someone could get them for you as a gift for Christmas !




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