Most Complicated Board Game

Rhett and LinkWe caught a video segment today about board games from one of our family’s favorite internet sensations: Rhett and Link

They’ve talked about board games before on their YouTube show, “Good Mythical Morning”. But this recent video clip from “The Mythical Show” is called “Most Complicated Board Game Ever” and it’s just begging to be watched.

It’s quite the board game and culture mashup.
We challenge you to see how many different board games you can recognize in this video.


Of course, we also looked to see which board games referenced in the video are ones that we’ve done reviews of.
We found 6:

More about Rhett and Link
Rhett & Link are the comedy duo consisting of life-long best friends, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. And we get a kick out of their material. They been doing videos and songs for years, but their popularity has taken off in the last year.

They’ve written close to 100 original comedy songs, over 500 web videos, and have been featured on Conan, CNN, BBC, NPR, TV Guide, E! News, TMZ, The Jay Leno Show, Lopez Tonight, Last Call with Carson Daly, and Ellen.

For some daily hilarity, our boys highly recommend you subscribe to the Rhett and Link YouTube channel.

Check out their funny songs (like “Rub Some Bacon on It“, “I Am a Thoughtful Guy“, or “Epic Rap Battle of Manliness“), snippets of all sorts of topics, Google translations epic fails, seasons of daily “Good Mythical Morning“, or their latest series “The Mythical Show“.

Just in case you’re curious, a few of our other favorite YouTube channels are:

Nice refresher break.

Now we’ll get back to our previously scheduled series of board game expansion reviews


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Would that really count as a game? I’m thinking it’s more of an obstacle course 🙂

So what’s the most complicated game that you’ve played? For me personally I think Magic Realm is by far the most complicated game I’ve ever played. It’s actually hard to imagine anyone enjoying a game that complicated.




Advanced Squad Leader is probably the most complicated game I know of that is still very popular.




I think ASL is widely accepted as the most complicated. There are several more GMT and other war games that will fit nicely into complicated. However, the most complicated games I own and play regularly are Sword of Rome, Android (the board game not netrunner), Mage Knight the Board Game




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