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Adventure Time Fluxx game review

Adventure Time Fluxx card game

Are your kids ready for Fluxx?

When we first got copies of both Batman Fluxx and Adventure Time Fluxx, I thought for sure our boys would flock to Batman over Adventure Time Fluxx.

But I was wrong.

I was quite surprised when they said Adventure Time Fluxx was the version they liked the most.

Maybe it was because the Adventure Time version put them in a silly mood. And being in a silly mood goes well with playing a Fluxx game.

For those not familiar with Fluxx, the first thing you need to know is that change and randomness abound. As the name implies, everything is constantly in flux.

Adventure Time Fluxx card game

New Rule cards will change up the basic/starting rules.

Not only will the rules change throughout the game, but even the goal of the game will constantly change.

But that’s ok, because sometimes random is good.


How to play Adventure Time Fluxx

Playing Adventure Time Fluxx is just like playing the original Fluxx but with a new theme. And with that theme comes a bit of silliness. (At least it did with our kids.)

The main objective of the game is to have the right Keeper cards in front of you that match the current Goal to win the game. Players do this by drawing and playing a variety of cards on their turn.

Adventure Time Fluxx card game

Looks like we’ll be changing something on our next turn.

On their turn, players:

  1. Draw the number of cards required
  2. Play the number of cards required
  3. Discard down to the Hand limit (if any)
  4. Comply with the Keeper limit (if any)

To begin, each player gets 3 cards in their starting hand and the Basic Rules are in effect: Draw 1 card, Play 1 card.
So on the first player’s turn they would Draw 1 card from the draw pile and then have to Play 1 card from their hand.

The cards they could play will consist of the following:

Adventure Time Fluxx card game

Here’s a sample of plenty of New Rules currently in play.

New Rule: the New Rule cards can either change a rule already in play or add to it. For example – a “Draw 4” New Rule will replace the Basic Rule of “Draw 1” and then every player will draw 4 cards at the start of their turn. If it’s a “Hand Limit 1” then it won’t cancel the “Draw 1” basic rule but will add to it and at the end of their turn, each player will have to discard down to just 1 card in their hand.

Goal: the Goal cards set the objective of the game. The game starts without a goal until someone plays a Goal card. With a Goal card in play, once someone meets the requirements indicated on the card, they win. But this too can change and players will keep playing Goal Cards that will replace the one already in play.

Adventure Time Fluxx card game

The boys have been pretty silly playing with these Keepers.

Keeper: these are cards that players set out in front of them, face up, to keep. Most of the Goal cards indicate combinations of Keeper cards needed to win the game. So players want to keep an assortment of Keepers in front of them. But of course, other players may also play cards that will steal your Keepers.

Creeper: the Creeper cards are like Anti-Keepers. You don’t want these cards in front of you. Unfortunately you don’t have a choice when you draw a Creeper. Even if you have the right Keeps in front of you to meet the Goal, you can’t win if a Creeper is in front of you. As soon as you draw one of these cards, you have to play it in front of you.

Adventure Time Fluxx card game

Some of the Action cards in Adventure Time Fluxx.

Action: Action cards are just used once and discarded. For example, they’re the cards that will let players steal Keeper cards. And some of these Action cards may create a lot of chaos. So just do what they say and continue on.

Surprise: these cards can be played at any time – even out of turn. Surprises have two functions, one for during your turn and one for out-of-turn. For example, the “I have a Sword” Surprise card can be played out of turn to stop another player from taking one of your Keepers. Or it can be played on your turn to discard a Keeper or Creeper in front of any other player.


Adventure Time Fluxx and Luck

While players need to make choices throughout the game, Adventure Time Fluxx is still very luck-heavy. This game is all about what cards you draw and what crazy rules and goals are put in play.

Adventure Time Fluxx card game

Those darn Goals just keep changing.

The good news though is that you have some input on when different rules and goals are put into play.

For example, you may have to play 3 cards from your hand and they could all be goal cards. So you’ll get to choose which Goal card will be the one left remaining after you’ve played the first 2 Goal cards.

Since the game is such a light game, you simply make a choice and move on. Chances are the cards you play will be changed up anyway, so just play the cards and see what comes of it.


Many versions of Fluxx for the picking

Because Fluxx has been such a hit, Looney Labs has created a whole assortment of themed Fluxx games. Take your pick:

Batman Fluxx card game

Ready for some random Batman craziness?


How does Adventure Time Fluxx score on our “Let’s Play Again” meter?

As I mentioned at the start, Adventure Time Fluxx scores higher on our boys’ “Let’s Play Again” game meter than Batman Fluxx because of their silly mood when they play it. So if they’re going to play Fluxx, it’s most likely that this is the version they’re going to choose to play.

And if Caleb is going to pull out a Fluxx game to play with his friends, Adventure Time Fluxx will be the one he chooses.

Since the game length is also random, it’s also easy to play many games back to back. So if the cards fall right and the game ends in 5 minutes, you bet they’ll be calling out to play again.

So if you want some crazy, random card playing with a silly theme, then pick up a copy of Adventure Time Fluxx.

Thanks Looney Labs for more random fun.

The Board Game Family Game Ratings
Caleb: 4.0 Meeples Caleb
Brooke: 3.0 Meeples Brooke
Jaden: 3.0 Meeples Jaden
Trevor: 3.5 Meeples Trevor
Mom: 2.0 Meeples Mom
Dad: 3.0 Meeples Dad
AVerage: 3.5 Meeples Average
Pick up a copy!

Buy Batman Fluxx from Amazon

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Time away from board games

Mount Timpanogos hike

What have you done this summer?

As much as we enjoy playing board games as a family, we also enjoy doing a lot of other things as well. And for the last month we haven’t gotten in much game playing at all.

And that’s perfectly fine with me!

After all, no matter what you love doing, it’s great to take a break once in a while. (I love chocolate too – but I’m not going to eat it at every meal.)

Since I posted earlier this month about having played 92 different games so far this year, I’ve only played 5 games!

Lords of Xidit board game

I really enjoyed playing Lords of Xidit.

3 of those games were all last Sunday afternoon – Lords of Xidit, Power Grid (Central Europe), and Catch Phrase. And 2 games were the Sunday evening before that when we had a neighbor family over for dinner.

The fun thing about that night was the challenge to pick the right 2 games to play. Why? Because the mom is blind.

What board games would you play with a blind person?

We chose Wits & Wagers Family and Stipulations. And they worked out splendidly. Everyone had a fantastic time.

Wits & Wagers Family

Wits & Wagers is a fun family game.

We played Wits & Wagers Family in teams, so our neighbor mom and dad were on the same team. He would write down their answer and they could easily discuss which answer they wanted to put their chips on.

But the one our neighbor family enjoyed the most was Stipulations. They loved the creativity in coming up with funny answers. Lots of fun.

But outside of those 2 days, we’ve been fully enjoying the last month of summer.

By August all of our scout summer camps, girls camps, business trips, and reunions had come to an end.

Mount Timpanogos hike

Mount Timpanogos has been calling to me for a long time.

So we excitedly looked at all being home during the full month of August as a great thing and have taken advantage of it.

And Saturday capped off the final month of outdoor summer fun for me with something I’ve been wanting to do for years – hike to the top of Mount Timpanogos!

It’s the second tallest peak in Utah sitting at 11,752 feet!

Since we have a view of Mount Timpanogos from our front yard, the prominent mountain has been calling to me for a very long time.

Mount Timpanogos hike

Start out early in the morning. The sunrise over mountains is always cool.

My wife and I hit the trail with our next door neighbors at 5:30 am with our headlamps shinning the way for us.

We knew to get an early start on the 14+ mile round trip hike, but we hadn’t expected the trailhead parking lot to be completely full that early.

We soon found out why it was so packed because we passed over one hundred people on their way down as we were going up. They hiked early enough to be at the summit for the sunrise. Wow!

The view from the top of the mountain peak is spectacular!

Mount Timpanogos hike

We’ll get there yet!

But one of the things I loved the most about hiking it was seeing all the amazing views all along the way.

The hike to the top starts from the back side of the mountain and you don’t get a glimpse of the mountain peak until about half way up. By then you’ve already climbed and plateaued a number of mountain ridges – all of which have great views themselves.

On the way up, as well as on the way down, we passed the 73 year old man that has summited over 720 times!

Mount Timpanogos hike

Some parts of the trail felt like we were hiking to Mordor.

We passed him twice because he was on his was down as we were going up. And then again as we were going down he was on his way up a second time for the day!

That second trip up marked trip #722 and his 5th for the week.

An article in the local news last year describes why he’s going so often, “He decided to continue to push himself by setting a goal of matching the number of hikes he did each year with his age.” Impressive!

Hiking to the top of Mount Timpanogos was a wonderful experience. And even though I can say I’ve checked it off my list, it’s going to stay on my list because I’m definitely going to hike it again!

We hope you’ve had a fabulous summer of fun with your family as well.

Mount Timpanogos hike

On top of the world!

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Can You Name These 25 Games?

Board game closet

It’s board game quiz time!

How well do you know your games?

Can you identify tabletop games by sight?

Take this short 25-question photo quiz to see how your recognition of board games, card games, dice games, and party games stacks up.

Go ahead and see how well you do.

Hint: All of the correct answers are games that we’ve reviewed.

Now that you’ve run through the quiz, go ahead and challenge your buddies.

Or if you think you can do even better, go ahead and give it another shot (and then challenge your buddies).

And if you liked this quiz, let us know – because after having reviewed 250+ games, there are still plenty of games in store to create another quiz.

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92 Games Played So Far This Year

Colt Express board game

I’ve really enjoyed playing Colt Express.

Has this summer flow by for your family as well?

With various summer camps, vacations, and business travel we’re once again feeling that summer as flown by.

In less than 2 weeks, the kids will be back in school and studying away.

As we’re looking back on the fun times we’ve shared as a family this summer, I’ve also taken time to look back on my year in games. For the last few years, I’ve posted a mid-year report on the many board games and card games I’ve played. And while I may be a bit behind on my past trend, it’s better now than never.

So it’s time for a mid-year review of the games I’ve played – with highlights of the board games I’ve enjoyed the most.

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Batman Fluxx game review

Batman Fluxx card game

Ready for some random Batman craziness?

With the humongous rise in Superhero movies over the last number of years, we could probably dub this the Superhero Decade. Or knowing that even more will be flooding the movies screens in the coming years, the Superhero Century!

But even though we may not like the extreme glut of superhero movies on the horizons, we have to admit that we’re still suckers for superheroes!

My personal favorite is Spiderman. Just because I think climbing on walls and swinging all over the place would be totally awesome!

Coming in at a close second would be Batman (thanks to Batman Begins).

So with a Batman Fluxx card game staring at me, of course I’m going to dive in!

For those that may not be familiar with Fluxx, the first thing you need to know is that change and randomness abound.

As the name implies, everything is constantly in flux. And we do mean EVERYTHING!

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Is Tsuro of the Seas better than Tsuro?

Tsuro of the Seas board game

Does Tsuro of the Seas improve upon the original?

Tsuro is one of our favorite family board games.

It’s simple to play, good for all ages, plays in under 15 minutes, has fantastic components, and can handle up to 8 players.

So when we heard a few years ago that Calliope Games had published Tsuro of the Seas, we were anxious to play it. Unfortunately it took us a few years before we finally played the game.

Well, now that we’ve played it a few times, we’re ready to answer the all important question, “Is Tsuro of the Seas better than Tsuro?

To get to that answer, we’ll first need to give you a quick run-through of the game itself.

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King of New York – Monster Mayhem Fun

King of New York board game

This time the monster battle is in New York City!

Last week we reviewed a great family board game all about building up New York City in New York 1901.

And now it’s time to tear it all down…with monsters in King of New York!

That’s right, King of New York is a game about playing “king of the hill” in the boroughs of New York City. It’s a followup game to the very successful and super fun monster battle: King of Tokyo.

But in King of New York, players don’t just battle each other for supremacy. Now they also get to destroy buildings and fight back against the military onslaught.

Check out Trevor’s video review of King of New York and see how it stacks up against its predecessor!


Can the whole family enjoy King of New York?

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New York 1901 board game review

New York 1901 board game

Let’s get building New York City!

It’s time to travel back in time and build up New York City.

The year is 1901 and we’ve been commissioned to start building skyscrapers throughout New York City.

Welcome to New York 1901 – an awesome family board game from Blue Orange Games releasing this month!

In New York 1901 players compete to build the throughout the city and score the most points along the way.

While that may not sound like the most engaging theme, when you think about it, neither does building train routes. Yet, Ticket to Ride has skyrocketed to amazing success as one of the best family board games around.

And we’re happy to report that New York 1901 hits that same sweet spot as a fantastic family game!

See for yourself in our video review:


Can the whole family enjoy New York 1901?

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