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Rhino Hero – Silly Fun Stacking game

Rhino Hero children's game

This rhinoceros scales tall buildings.

Have you ever wondered how high a rhinoceros could climb?

Well, neither have we.

Until we got a copy of Rhino Hero.

Now we try to push the limits to see how high that little Rhino can get.


How to Play Rhino Hero

Rhino Hero is a card stacking game – like building a house of cards – but with special challenges.

In Rhino Hero, players compete to be the first to get rid of their roof cards. The first player to do so will win the game.

That is, if he/she has a chance to play all their cards. Because the game may also end with a building collapse. If it does, then the person with the fewest roof cards left wins the game.

Rhino Hero children's game

Go, Rhino, go!

So how does a person get rid of their roof cards?

Simple – by building another floor of the building.

Each player begins the game with 5 roof cards (or 7 in a 2-player game). In turn, players build floors of the building using 1 or 2 walls from a common pile and a roof card from their hand.

The starting ground floor card, as well as each roof card, indicates how many walls are required for the next floor as well as the position of those walls. So the player puts up the walls as indicated, then chooses a roof card from their hand to play on top for the next player to continue building upon.

Some roof cards have special symbols. When placed as a roof on a building floor, the action is triggered.

  • Change direction (circular arrows) – play continues in the opposite direction
  • Skip (!) – the next player loses a turn
  • Additional card (+1) – the next player has to take another roof card into their hand
  • Double roof (2x) – a second roof card can be played on it
  • Rhino Hero (rhino icon) – the next player must place the rhino on that spot before building

Rhino Hero children's game

The roof cards.

As you’d expect, since the game is called Rhino Hero, placing the rhino on different floors as the building gets higher and higher adds spice to the game. The rhino is made of light wood, but still adds weight to the building as he climbs – making the structure more precarious along the way.

Which is where the silly fun is.

Sure it may be fun to build a building of cards. But it’s more fun when you’ve got a super rhino moving from floor to floor.

And that’s all there is to the game.

Simple and fun.


Can the whole family enjoy Rhino Hero?

Rhino Hero children's game

When a game gets you standing on chairs, you know it’s a hit.

You bet!

Even though Rhino Hero is definitely a children’s game, everyone in the family can enjoy playing together. Kids love dexterity games where they can test their ability to maneuver things.

Kids love games where they get to build things as well as see them crash.

And kids also love games where they have a chance to beat their parents. You’ll see the happy smirk on their face when they place a roof card that requires their mom or dad to place the rhino on the edge of a roof card 7 floors up – in joyous anticipation of seeing their powerful parent cause the building to fall.

Of course, Rhino Hero can also be played without any children present…


The Cards

Like every HABA game we’ve played, the components of Rhino Hero are top quality. Haba makes great children’s games. And because they’re meant to be played by kids, the components need to be durable and easy to handle.

Rhino Hero children's game

The wall cards.

And the cards in Rhino Hero follow in those same footsteps.

The cards are thick and durable to withstand many repeated plays. This is especially important because the wall cards need to be bent to create each floor of the building. And they do the job fantastically well.

The cards are also full of cute artwork with animals and flowers in the windows to make it a pleasing sight as the building goes up.


How does Rhino Hero score on our “Let’s Play Again” game meter?

RhinoHeroInfoRhino Hero is yet another game that we don’t ever see being playing just once. With how simple and quick the game is to play, everyone agrees to playing again and again.

Of course, being a simple and quick game to play in and of itself isn’t necessarily a guarantee of people wanting to play multiple times in a row. But Rhino Hero is also fun.

And that’s really why we like playing it more than once.

Thanks HABA for another fun children’s / family game!

And if you’re looking for more children’s games from HABA, the most popular include:

The Board Game Family Game Ratings
Caleb: 4.0 Meeples Caleb
Brooke: 4.0 Meeples Brooke
Jaden: 3.5 Meeples Jaden
   Has not played Trevor
Mom: 3.5 Meeples Mom
Dad: 3.5 Meeples Dad
Average: 3.6 Meeples Average
Pick up a copy!

Buy Rhino Hero from Amazon

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Are you a Rule Breaker?

Shadows Over Camelot board game rulebook

Lots of rulebooks to read through.

As board game reviewers we’re regularly playing new board and card games.

But that also means we first have to learn all those RULES.

Sometimes that can be a big chore. Playing a game that you already know the rules to can be a lot more relaxing.

In fact, when playing a game you’re very familiar with, it’s often fun to change up the rules. Or should I say, Break the Rules!

Sorry board game

What rules do you break in your games?

I just witnessed this very thing last week. Brooke and Caleb had pulled out our old game of Sorry from the back of the game closet and played it multiple times daily for over a week.

At first I was taken aback by them choosing such an old “move around the board” game when we have so many more dynamic games to choose from.

But they were have a grand ole time.

They’d fly through the game, flipping and moving as fast as they could. And pretty soon, they were Breaking the Rules. Actually, they were simply making up their own rules that they wanted to test out. “What if we slid backwards up the slides?” “What if this… or that…?”

They had a blast breaking the rules over and over.

Well, what if we told you there are tons of rules we live by just waiting to be broken?

Would you seize the day, break a rule, and have a blast?

It may be easier than you think, because there are plenty of rules we hold to that don’t really even exist…


Penguins Can’t Fly

Penguin's Can't Fly book

Get a copy of this fantastic book by artist and speaker, Jason Kotecki.

A fantastic book by Jason Kotecki was just released that we think you’ll love: Penguins Can’t Fly +39 other rules that don’t exist

I’ve followed Jason’s writings on for many years because of how much he encourages having fun in life. He’s an artist, author, speaker, husband, dad, Batman fan, and “avid eater of sugar-laden cereal.” Yep – a great guy.

And now that he’s published a book, we want to share it as well.

Over the last few months, he’s shared sample chapters of the book through his blog and they’ve all been great to read.

So not only did I buy an early copy of the book – I bought 10 copies!

Penguin's Can't Fly book

Penguins, Ostriches, and Pigs CAN fly!


Because I’m going to give copies to my team at work. I believe infusing joy this way is great for all of us.

Not only do we love the fun content within, but the book is wonderfully produced!

It’s also packed with lots of his wonderful, fun, creative illustrations. It just looks and feels beautiful to boot. A perfect nightstand book.

Here are just a few snippets to give you a glimpse of what awaits.

Although impossible to track, there are probably hundreds of thousands of federal, state, and city laws in the United States, with new ones being proposed all the time. Interestingly, with all of the laws and rules on the books, the ones we often cling to the most fervently are the ones that don’t actually exist. You can’t eat dessert first. Your socks must match. Adults should “act their age“.

Rule #1 is Thou Shalt Act Thine Age:

Of all the rules that don’t exist, perhaps the most widespread is the notion that you are supposed to act your age… Any fool can tell you that when it comes to the average daily laugh quotient, the chasm between kids and adults is astronomical. Which age would YOU rather act?

Acting yourself to a new way of thinking is easier than thinking your way to a new way of acting.

Penguin's Can't Fly book

Are we over-scheduling our kids?

I love that last line. Sometimes it just takes action to get our minds rolling in the right direction.

I know it’s tough to get out of bed and ride my bike. But just acting on it does amazing things. Once I’m riding, I feel I could go on riding for much longer and my mind gets behind the action and I feel great.

The same holds true for so many things in life. Or as Jason writes, “From now on, instead of acting your age, act more like the person you want to become.”

Rule #2 is Thou Shalt Color Inside The Lines:

It’s all a big smoke screen. None of this does anything to solidify your standing as a true artiste. (In fact, it encourages the opposite.) What it really does is teach you to conform.

You don’t have to do the same thing you’ve always done, just because that’s how (and when) you’ve always done them.

Eating dinner later because your family is in the middle of a heated board game is ok.

That’s right! He mentions board games. Of course we’re on board with that!

And just in case you were wondering if this direction is really up your alley, Jason addresses that inclination as well…

Most of us are not natural-born rebels. But in order to create an awesome story, you have to get reasonably good at breaking rules.

Of course, I won’t give all the rules that don’t exist away, but here are a handful more just to tease you:

Penguin's Can't Fly book

Are you a nametag remover?

  • Thou shalt not let them see you car dancing.
  • Thou shalt not celebrate without thine calendar’s permission.
  • Thou shalt not jump in puddles.
  • Thou shalt remove thy nametag immediately after an event.
  • Thou shalt brag about how busy thou art.
  • Thou shalt hate Monday.
  • Thou shalt hide thy weirdness.

Penguin's Can't Fly book

Do you still blow bubbles in your milk?

Let’s just say there are plenty to make you smile. And more importantly, there are plenty that will give you the impetus to actually do something about it.

Break a rule that doesn’t exist!

But first, jump on over and buy the book – Penguins Can’t Fly.

We know you won’t regret it!

(And you can get it on Amazon for around $15!)


What rules are you going to break this week?


You can also check out Jason’s site at

(If the book doesn’t interest you, but learning rules to a new board game does, you can check out our recent post on 6 Tips for Learning a New Board Game.)

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Father’s Day – Dad’s New Favorite Games

The Board Game Family

Cheers to all great dads everywhere!

This coming weekend is Father’s Day.

It’s the day we give a big shout out to fathers everywhere.

Kudos to all the great dads out there who are doing their best to raise their children to be solid contributors in the world.

In years past, I’ve taken time over Father’s Day to write sentimental posts about my own father and the joy of being a dad.

Well, this year, I’m going to skip all that stuff and give you an updated list of my favorite games!

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Potion power – Apotheca game review

Apotheca game

Apotheca is set up and ready to play.

If you’re up for some potion practice, then you’ll want to check out the upcoming game – Apotheca.

Apotheca is a light strategy game where players compete to organize potions in the right ways and at the right times to best their opponents.

We very rarely preview upcoming games, but Apotheca interested us enough to take a closer look.

And we’re very happy that we did, because Apotheca mixes up the right formula for an enjoyable family game.

Get a peek at the game and how it’s played in our video preview:


Can the whole family enjoy Apotheca?

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Memoir ’44 Operation Overlord

Memoir '44 Operation Overlord board game

Memoir ’44 Operation Overlord is ready to roll.

Yesterday, June 6, was the commemoration of D-Day – the day Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy to turn the tide in WWII.

In my own small way, I like to commemorate the event by playing Memoir ’44 – one of my favorite board games. And I’m lucky enough to have a group of friends that now enjoy doing the same every year as well.

So this week, once again we settled in for getting together to play Memoir ’44.

While Memoir ’44 is a two player game, there’s a way for more players to join in the fun. And that’s with Operation Overlord!

Operation Overlord is an expansion to Memoir ’44 that allows up to 8 players to join in a massive WWII battle in a team vs. team approach.

Memoir '44 Operation Overlord board game

What comes in the Memoir ’44 Operation Overlord expansion.

And it’s a lot of fun!

But is it as fun as the normal, 2-player game of Memoir ’44?

Let’s find out.

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Animal Upon Animal is a fun Kids Game

Animal Upon Animal board game

How are your animal-stacking skills?

Would you ever think of stacking a sheep on top of a porcupine?

Or how about piling a snake on top of a toucan?

Or what about a penguin on a monkey?

Well, in Animal Upon Animal you’ll have the chance to do just that!

Gather the family and see how high you can stack all sorts of animals in this dexterity game by HABA.

See what Caleb thinks of Animal Upon Animal in his short game video review.


Can the whole family enjoy Animal Upon Animal?

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Dino Race makes Candyland extinct

Dino Race board game

Ready to race your dinosaurs?

If your kids love dinosaurs and playing games, then Dino Race should definitely be on your “board games to get” list.

Dino Race is a children’s board game with the cutest dinosaurs you’ll ever find in game.

Players race to get their two dinosaurs safely to the end of the terrain track to gain prizes (points). And the player who gets the egg to safety will also score bonus points.

In addition to the cute dinosaurs, Dino Race also includes high quality components with compelling visuals that kids will enjoy.

Take a look at how the game is played in Caleb’s video review of Dino Race.


Can the whole family enjoy Dino Race?

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Spiel des Jahres 2015 – nominees

Spiel des Jahres

Which will win Game of the Year?

The 2015 Spiel des Jahres, Kinderspiel des Jahres, and Kennerspiel des Jahres award nominees were announced this week and we’re happy to see that Colt Express is one of the 3 finalists!

For those new to modern board games, the Spiel des Jahres is the major game award each year. In essence, it’s Game of the Year.

The whole purpose behind the Spiel des Jahres is to “promote games as a cultural asset to encourage gaming amongst family and friends”.

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