Great gaming weekend – SaltCON 2015 – ahead!

saltconTwo weeks from today I’ll be having a blast playing a ton of board games at SaltCON!

What is SaltCON?

SaltCON is a board game convention in Salt Lake City, Utah for casual and competitive gamers alike that keeps getting bigger every year.

Once again this year it’s being held at the Davis Conference Center. And it runs Thursday through Saturday: March 12, 13, & 14, 2015.

If you love playing board games and think the idea of every once in a while playing non-stop for hours/days, then a board game convention may be just the thing for you.

I’ve attended SaltCON every year but one since 2010 and have a fantastic time every time.

SaltCON board games

Hundreds of gaming tables will be ready.

The main reason why I enjoy it is because everyone is there to simply have fun and play games!

Which also makes it super easy to meet new people.

And SaltCON (and most board game conventions) is extremely family friendly. There isn’t anything you need to worry about at all.

It’s all about open gaming goodness for young and old alike.

I’m especially looking forward to meeting up with the friends I made last year and having a lot of fun playing even more games.


Game Library

SaltCON board games

Tons of games to check out and play from the Game Library.

The best thing about board game conventions is being able to play as many games as you can. And you don’t have to own them to enjoy them!

The game library is a dream.

Like a regular library, a game library let’s you check things out for a short period of time. Simply walk up to the library shelves, find the game you’d like to play, check it out, sit down at one of the many open gaming tables, and start playing!

They’re touting a game library of over 500 board games, card games, and dice games to choose from!

And as always, it will have many newly released games that people are anxious to try out.


Plenty of Game Time

Even though SaltCON runs for 3 days, I’m only able to be there two days.

Like last year, I’ve booked a hotel room near the conference center so I can get in even more play time. I live about an hour away from where SaltCON is held. So rather than making the drive back and forth each day, I’ll play as long as I want into the night, head next door for a bit of sleep, and then dive in right into playing first thing the next morning.

SaltCON board games

The main gaming hall. And there are plenty of other rooms as well.

I’m sure I could get carried away through the night, but I like to get my rest too – it makes the games the next day more fun.

However, unlike last year, I’m not participating as a judge in the ION awards. So rather than spending a big chuck of time on Friday playing/judging a number of game prototypes, I’ll be playing games from the large library or other games that buddies I made last year will be bringing to play.

In addition, this year one of my nephews will be joining me for the fun!

He’s in his 20’s and loves playing board games as well. (He was in our review of Code 777 a number of years ago.)

Whenever our families gets together, he’s the one asking what games were bringing and which new games we’ll introduce him to.

So I’m pumped that he’ll be joining me for a couple days of gaming fun!


“New to Me” games to play

As you know, I never have a shortage of board games and card games on my “want to play” list. With thousands of new games coming out every year, there’s always something new tempting me.

Last year I had a list of 15 games that I wanted to try at SaltCON. I ended up playing only 5 on that list but played plenty more that were “new to me”.

Lords of Xidit board game

Lords of Xidit is one of the games I’m looking forward to playing.

This year is no different. Here are the 15 games I’m hoping to play/learn this year at SaltCON:

How many of these will I actually end up playing and how many others will be added?

Who knows. But I can hardly wait for such a fun gaming weekend!

If you’re going to be at SaltCONdrop me a line - it would be great to meet and play some games.

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Hit the tropics in Tahiti – board game review

Tahiti board game

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During the cold winter months it’s typical to daydream of visiting tropical islands. And while we may not be able to travel to a tropical island any time we want, at least we can pull out a tropical island board game and mentally escape for a little while.

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Players earn glory (victory points) by collecting both variety and quantity of goods over the entire season.

Tahiti board game

Lot’s of great components in Tahiti.

The best gatherer will be named the hero of the tribe.

Tahiti is a fun family game with a good balance of luck and strategy – and of course, also a cool theme.

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If you’re looking for a light, short card game for the family, we definitely recommend taking a look at the Timeline series.

The latest game in the Timeline series by Asmodee is Timeline: American History. We’re not sure how much it will appeal to our readers outside the U.S.A., but for those living in America it’s a good addition to the series.

As the name implies, Timeline: American History is focused on historical events in America – such as presidential elections, battles, documents, famous deaths, and other notable events.

So if you’re a history buff or have kids that are learning their American History, this is definitely the version of Timeline to choose.


How to Play Timeline: American History

If you haven’t seen one of our previous reviews of a Timeline game, this section will give you a quick overview of how to play.

Timeline is a simple and quick card game. Players just need to determine where the events they hold go in the Timeline. Be the first to correctly place your events and you’ll win.

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What ya gonna play? Ghostbusters the Board Game!

Ghostbusters: The Board Game

What ya gonna play?

We’re excited about a big announcement this week – Ghostbusters The Board Game is coming soon!

Cryptozoic Entertainment is teaming up with Sony Pictures to publish a very fun-looking cooperative board game.

Sure, it’s not out quite yet, but we’re still excited.


  • 5 simple reasons:
  • We love cooperative board games.
  • Ghostbusters is a fun, classic movie.
  • Cryptozoic Entertainment publishes great games (like Gravwell that we really enjoy).
  • Modular, versatile game board.

The game play sounds like a lot of fun.

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Do you want Bugs in the Kitchen?

Bugs in the Kitchen board gameThe first game we listed on our Board Game Gift Guide 2014 a few months ago was Bugs in the Kitchen.

Well, now’s the time to take a deeper look at this fun children’s board game.

Actually, we can’t dive too deeply into this board game, because it’s such a straight forward game.

It’s not like there’s a bunch of deep strategy to the game. In fact, I’m not sure if there’s any strategy at all.

Bugs in the Kitchen is strictly for fun.

Check out Caleb’s video review of Bugs in the Kitchen and see if your kids might like to play it.

Can the whole family enjoy Bugs in the Kitchen?

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Red7 – Win each turn or you’re out!

Red7 card game

The very colorful cards in Red7 are what makes the game.

February is a short month. So why not start off the month looking at a short, simple, and very colorful card game – Red7.

Red7 was released in 2014 by Asmadi Games and caught my attention because of its very unique game condition: You have to be winning at the end of your turn or you’re out of the game.

It’s that simple. If you can’t meet the current win condition, then you’re out.

Now, of course, getting knocked out of a card game may not sound like much fun. But with how quickly the game plays, you won’t be out for long before you’re playing again.

Many people don’t like player-elimination games.

However, Red7 is a card game that’s played in rounds. So just because you’re knocked out in a round, doesn’t mean you should abandon all hope.

You’ll quickly be back in the game battling for the next round win and ultimate victory.

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Stipulations now on Kickstarter

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The new and improved version of Stipluations.

A few months ago we reviewed a fun party game that we highly recommended – Stipulations.

We mentioned at the time that the version we had was just a preliminary version of the game and that a new version was under development. The new version of Stipulations would be released via Kickstarter in January.

Well, that time has arrived – Stipulations is now up on Kickstarter!

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