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Oh, Captain! bluffing game review

Oh Captain bluffing game

Set your sights on grand treasure and bluff your way to victory.

“Oh, Captain, I’ve found an awesome Grappling Hook. Do you want it?”

“No. You go ahead and use it.”

“Sweet! I’m going to use it to steal some loot!”

Such could be the game play conversation in Oh Captain!

Of course, the player could also be bluffing and not really have a grappling hook. Because that’s how things go when you’re looting island treasure.

Oh Captain! is a new bluffing game from Ludonaute and Asmodee where players compete for the best treasure. But along the way, they can also use the items they find (or what they say they find) to take action against other players.

But they have to run it by the Captain first. Because the Captain may want to use that item instead.

Of course, when you bluff among fellow pirates, all may not go according to plan. You’ll just have to take your chances…

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Photosynthesis is more than just pretty trees

Photosynthesis board game

Photosynthesis is wonderful to look at and fun to play.

If you know someone who thinks board games are as fun as watching trees grow, how about challenging them to a new board game where you watch trees grow!

Ha – wouldn’t that be fun!

Board games come in all shapes and sizes and cover an unending array of themes. So having a game about growing trees isn’t really too surprising. But making such a game good is another matter.

We’re happy to report that Photosynthesis is a fantastic board game!

And it’s not just due to how wonderful Photosynthesis looks. The game play itself is easy to learn and engaging while also requiring a fair amount of strategy and planning ahead.

Blue Orange Games has published another family board game hit!

Photosynthesis board game

Growing trees isn’t boring like it first sounds.

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A Dog’s Life family board game review

A Dog's Life board game

A Dog’s Life is a light, family board game your kids will enjoy.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like as a dog?

As man’s best friend, maybe dogs have even wondered what life would be like as a person.

A number of movies have been made showing potential life through the eyes of pets, including one this year called A Dog’s Purpose where a dog finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he teaches to laugh and love.

Well, now there’s a good option for seeing life through the eyes of a dog in the new family board game, A Dog’s Life!

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Board Game Gift Guide 2017!

Know someone who will love a new board game for Christmas?

Are you ready to find some great board games for your family and friends?
It’s time again for our annual Board Game Gift Guide so you can find the perfect game gift!

This year’s Board Game Gift Guide includes 38 great game ideas!

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The kingdom continues in Queendomino

Queendomino board game

It may look exactly the same, but Queendomino packs some strategic differences from Kingdomino.

A few months ago we reviewed the award-winning board game Kingdomino from Blue Orange Games. We also gave it a hearty recommendation for families everywhere.

It’s a colorful tile-laying game that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Of course, the Queen can’t let the King have all the fun. So Blue Orange Game recently released a wonderful companion game – Queendomino!

While Queendomino isn’t an expansion to Kingdomino, both games can be joined together to create even larger kingdoms or play with more players. But that’s just an extra bonus.

Queendomino is a stand-alone game that gets big thumbs up in its own right.

And we’re happy to show you why.

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Customizing your dice rocks in Dice Forge!

Dice Forge board game

Ready to forge your dice to be the best?

A couple years ago we played a board game called Rattlebones where players evolved their dice during the game. Players start with standard six-sided dice and throughout the course of the game they remove sides and replace them with other sides that let them do different things.

Changing the face of their dice was a very cool feature. However, we found the game bland because it’s just a roll-and-move game where players roll their dice and move continually around a loop.

We wished the game would have been as exciting as the customizing dice feature was.

We’re happy to report that there’s now a game that uses that dice-changing feature and delivers what we were hoping for – Dice Forge!

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Between Two Cities: Capitals expansion review

Between Two Cities: Capitals board game

Does the Capitals expansion add to or detract from the Between Two Cities fun?

One of our favorite tile-laying games in the last few years has been Between Two Cities by Stonemaier Games.

There are a number of reasons why it’s such a great family board game.

It’s easy to learn, quick to play, requires coordination with your neighboring players, and allows up to 7 players to join in the fun.

And one of the best elements of the game is that it’s simultaneous play rather than taking turns. So everyone is engaged the whole game rather than waiting for others to take their turns.

So when Stonemaier Games published an expansion for Between Two Cities earlier this year, I immediately put it on my “must play” list.

Does Between Two Cities: Capitals live up to my high hopes? Let’s find out.

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Abyss: Kraken expansion board game review

Abyss Kraken board game

We found the Kraken in this deep Abyss.

Last week we reviewed one of our favorite board games in the last couple years – Abyss.

Well, we’re staying in the depths a little longer because we got a copy of Abyss: Kraken from Miniature Market earlier this year and it’s time to review it!

Since we just reviewed the Abyss board game, we don’t need to cover How To Play again.

Rather, we’ll just dive right into the new things Kraken delivers.

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