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Will the Mole Rats in Space survive?

Mole Rats in Space board game

Can you help the mole rats make it to the space escape pod in time?

Mole Rats in Space is the latest cooperative family board game by famed game designer Matt Leacock.

But instead of curing the world of disease, rescuing artifacts from a sinking island, or constructing a ship among storming desert winds, this time we’re getting our mole rats safely to a space escape pod.

We don’t know what mole rats are doing in this space station to begin with, but apparently they’re out there. And it’s our job to make sure they get to the escape pod with precious equipment before the snakes overrun the space station.

Are you and your kids up to the challenge?

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Building water slides in Slide Blast is a blast!

Slide Blast board game

Let’s build water slides!

Ah, the joys of summer!

No school, no homework, and lots and lots of playing around.

What better way to enjoy a hot summer day than at a water park!

With various pools and lots of different water slides, water parks are a blast!

In Slide Blast, you get to build your own fun water slides. The longer the slide, the more points you’ll earn. You can also earn bonus points by helping other players extend their slide as well.

We’re big fans of tile-laying games and Slide Blast reminds us a lot of a couple games we really enjoy – Tsuro and Indigo.

So how will Slide Blast fare when stacked up against those great path-creating games?

It’s time to find out.

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The GAME on Fire card game review

The Game card game

Ready to play The Game?

“Hey, how about we play The Game?”

“What game?”

“The Game?”

“Which game?”

“The Game!!”

“What are you talking about?”

If that sounds a lot like the Abbott and Costello gag about “Who’s on first?“, you’re not mistaken.

That’s because the games we’re reviewing today are “The Game” and it’s expansion, “The Game on Fire“.

First of all, let’s get the obvious out of the way — the name of the game itself is ridiculous. Whoever thought naming a game “The Game” could use some marketing lessons.

Naming aside, The Game is actually a pretty fun, light cooperative card game that’s great for families.

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Level-up your parenting skills

Being a father is the greatest blessing in my life.

It’s also not an easy gig.

Let’s get some lunch!

I’ve recently had a few conversations with a neighbor that remind me how the challenges of fatherhood change over time.

I’m not talking about across the ages (medieval vs. modern parenting challenges), but rather throughout our own lifetimes.

Parenting challenges are quite different with toddlers vs. teenagers and young adults.

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Let’s put some Legendary Inventors to the test!

Legendary Inventors board game

Which Legendary Inventors will come out on top?

Who’s the best inventor of all time – Archimedes, Fibonacci, Pascal, Edison, or Franklin?

In Legendary Inventors you’ll get the chance to put them to the test.

I first got a chance to play Legendary Inventors in the Asmodee booth at Gen Con 2016 just before it was released. It was one of the games I most enjoyed playing at the con and I was excited to get a copy for our family soon after.

Now that we’ve been able to play it more, we’re happy to finally share our thoughts.

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Running with the Bulls = Dice Plinko

Running with the Bulls board game and Plinko

Have you ever wanted to play Plinko?

According to The Price is Right Wiki, the most famous pricing game on the show is Plinko.

After a contestant earns Plinko discs, they take them up a set of stairs to the top of the Plinko board. The board is made up of a field of pegs, with each row offset from the previous row. At the bottom of the board are nine slots marked with different dollar values. One by one the contestant drops a Plinko disc and watches it bounce its way to the bottom – hoping they end up with high payouts.

Aside from educated guesses to earn more Plinko discs to drop, results in Plinko are completely determined by luck.

Running with the Bulls board game

Let’s take to the streets in Running with the Bulls!

You may be asking yourself why I’m writing about Plinko on our board game review site. Well, it’s because the game we’re reviewing today reminds me a lot of Plinko.

Running with the Bulls is a board game by Calliope Games that I was introduced to at Gen Con last year.

While players aren’t dropping discs down a peg board, in Running with the Bulls players are directing their dice through dividing pathways to get them to end up in the most lucrative end points.

Similar to Plinko, there’s plenty of luck involved in Running with the Bulls. However, unlike Plinko, in this game players get to manipulate things along the way to influence the outcome!

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Get slap-happy with Happy Salmon

Happy Salmon party game

Open this happy salmon bag for a quick and frantic family game.

I first came across Happy Salmon at the North Star Games booth at Gen Con 2016.

It was hard to miss all the cool fish bags in their booth. Plus they had a table right in the front corner where people were playing Happy Salmon non-stop.

With all the shouting, running around, and slapping, it definitely caught my attention.

It’s a party-style game that has a way of pulling people in with its active and quick play.

In fact, reading our review of Happy Salmon may take longer than playing a game of Happy Salmon.

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Braintopia is packed with fun challenges

Braintopia card game

Is your brain ready for this?

One of the awesome benefits of playing family board games is the positive way it engages our minds.

Different types of board games create different types of mental challenges that are great for both developing and aging brains.

From visual recognition and matching to deductive reasoning and strategic planning, there are a myriad of mental skills that board games engage.

A recently released game from Asmodee packs a real punch in getting players to exercise a ton of mental skills in a single game.

It’s time to exercise our brains in Braintopia!

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