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Top 5 Family Board Games of 2017

Go Nuts for Donuts card game

Happy 2018!!

Ok, so we may be a little late on wishing everyone a Happy New Year since we’re already 3 weeks into 2018. But we still wish you a great new year!

Now let’s get on with which family board games, published in 2017, we’ve enjoyed the most as a family…


Clue: The Legend of Zelda board game review

Clue The Legend of Zelda board game

Normally we’d stay clear of various themed versions of popular board games like Clue. However, there are a few instances where we make exceptions. And this is one of those times!

Why? First of all, because our family loves playing Clue. And second, because all the guys in our family are HUGE Legend of Zelda fans!

Clue: The Legend of Zelda is a keeper for us and we’re happy to tell you why.


Race to the top in Dicey Peaks

Dicey Peaks

As I look out our front window at the snowy peaks along the Wasatch Range, I’m sure glad there aren’t any Yetis around here. Because if there were, it would make our winter snowshoeing in the mountains a bit more treacherous.

My opinion is quite different when it comes to Yetis in the new, fun dice game Dicey Peaks by Calliope Games. Bring on the Yetis!


Have fun shooting lasers in Khet!

Khet board game box

How would you like to play a board game with lasers? Ask that of any kid and I bet you’d get a quick and resounding, “Yes!” In fact, ask any adult and you’re likely to get the same response. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with Khet! In Khet, 2 players face off bouncing lasers […]


Like UNO? Try Piña Pirata

Piña Pirata card game

One of the most popular games on the planet is UNO. Everyone knows how to play UNO.

Of course, many people also like to mix it up a bit and throw in their own house rules to the game.

If you’re one of those people who like the simplicity of UNO, but also wish there was a bit more to it, you’re in luck.

Today we’re reviewing a game that’s like UNO with a twist. It’s call Piña Pirata by iello!


Great Board Game Inserts

Insert Here game insert King of Tokyo

With Christmas quickly approaching, many families are looking to get awesome family board games for their family to enjoy together. Like them, we’re also anticipating a number of new games under our Christmas tree this year. Yet with that happy thought, we also have another thought – where will we put them? With limited shelf space, we’re regularly looking for […]


A Dog’s Life family board game review

A Dog's Life board game

Have you ever wondered what life would be like as a dog?

Well, now there’s a good option for seeing life through the eyes of a dog in the new family board game, A Dog’s Life!

A Dog’s Life let’s players take on the role of a dog when they step away from their master for a bit of fun. They’ll roam the neighborhood, beg in restaurants, deliver newspapers, search through trash cans, drink from fountains, piddle on lamp posts, and bury bones all while staying clear of the dog catcher.


Board Game Gift Guide 2017!

Dr Eureka board game

Are you ready to find some great board games for your family and friends?

It’s time again for our annual Board Game Gift Guide so you can find the perfect game gift!

This year’s Board Game Gift Guide includes 38 great game ideas!


Game Toppers full review

Game Toppers

A few weeks ago I shared a Q&A with Burky about the upcoming Game Toppers game tables.

Well, since then our Game Topper has arrived and we’ve played many games on it.

To cut to the chase, we love it!


The new Word on the Street game review

Word on the Street board game

When we started reviewing family board games in 2009 a word game was published that we really loved – Word on the Street by Out of the Box Games.

Not being huge games of word games like Scrabble and Bananagrams, we were pleasantly surprised by Word on the Street.

Unfortunately, Out of the Box Games is no longer around to make more copies.

Fortunately though, Educational Insights is now publishing a new version of Word on the Street!