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3 days of gaming ahead – ready for SaltCon!

SaltCon 2017

Once February rolls around, I get a little anxious.

It’s not because I don’t know what to get my sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. But rather because I can hardly wait for SaltCon in just a few weeks!

SaltCon is a board game convention in Salt Lake City, Utah for anyone who enjoys playing games. And it keeps getting bigger every year.

For me it means 3 steady days of playing tons of games and reconnecting with tons of friends. So I can’t wait!


Clue: The Legend of Zelda board game review

Clue The Legend of Zelda board game

Normally we’d stay clear of various themed versions of popular board games like Clue. However, there are a few instances where we make exceptions. And this is one of those times!

Why? First of all, because our family loves playing Clue. And second, because all the guys in our family are HUGE Legend of Zelda fans!

Clue: The Legend of Zelda is a keeper for us and we’re happy to tell you why.


Codenames: Disney Family Edition board game review

Codenames Disney board game

One of our most played games both last year and this year has been Codenames.

Well, I should clarify that last year it was the original Codenames and this year it’s been Codenames: Pictures.

But that’s not all because Czech Games and USAopoly also recently published Codenames: Disney Family Edition!

The big question then is, “is it a good game?”


Oh, Captain! bluffing game review

Oh Captain bluffing game

Oh Captain is a quick bluffing game for a wide audience. In the game players try to keep the most valuable Loot for themselves by stealing coins, stealing cards, mutiny, and bluffing.


Exit: The Game – The Secret Lab game review

Exit The Game The Secret Lab game

Escape rooms have popped up all around the world in the last few years. They’re set up as entertainment venues that attract people of all ages. Families and friends venture into a trapped room and have to solve puzzles to escape within a designated time (typically 1 hour). Most such venues offer multiple themed rooms […]