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5 Fun Games for You and Your Valentine

Codenames Duet card game

It’s fun to play games with your kids. But it’s also nice to get in some games without the kids as well.

That’s why today we’re going to focus on just you and your sweetheart!

Here are 5 fun 2-player games you can enjoy together.


3 days of gaming ahead – ready for SaltCon!

SaltCon 2017

Once February rolls around, I get a little anxious.

It’s not because I don’t know what to get my sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. But rather because I can hardly wait for SaltCon in just a few weeks!

SaltCon is a board game convention in Salt Lake City, Utah for anyone who enjoys playing games. And it keeps getting bigger every year.

For me it means 3 steady days of playing tons of games and reconnecting with tons of friends. So I can’t wait!


Forbidden Island – lead on, brave souls

Forbidden Island cooperative board game

Are you ready to venture to Forbidden Island, snag the treasure and get off the island before it sinks?

Don’t worry – you won’t have to venture out alone. Grab your family and gather around for another great cooperative game designed by Matt Leacock (designer of Pandemic) and published by Gamewright.