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1 Million YouTube Views!!

family board games

Last month our board game videos reviews surpassed 1 Million total views!

We’re only getting around to writing about it now because of the other reviews and articles that we’ve been posting about the last few week.

But now it’s time to celebrate!

Hitting 1 million total video views is an amazing accomplishment that we’re super excited about. And of course it’s not stopping now. Since the day we hit the mark we’ve had another 30,000 views.

As of this writing, our total views are at 1,034,452!


Descent Journeys in the Dark – Jam Packed

Descent Journeys in the Dark board game

I finished a project this week that was a lot of fun for me. Since it involved foamcore cutting and gluing it seemed like a kid’s school project (which we’ve done plenty of getting 4 kids through elementary school years).

But the beauty of this project was that it was all mine. Nothing to be graded as a class assignment or judged in a science fair. In fact it will hardly be seen at all – most likely by just my boys and I – since it now resides inside a board game box.

It’s a way to organize all our Descent Journeys in the Dark 2nd edition board game components into 1 game box!


Hive is a hit with scouts

Island Lake

Hive is a great family board game that’s perfect for taking on camping trips with boy scouts as well. Hive has been a hit with our boy scout troop.


Whooped by my son – Sweet!

Yinsh board game box

Have you had the enjoyable experience of being whooped by your kids in a board game?
Well, this week I had that great experience again.
After having been on a business trip for most of this week, I returned home nice an tired. My flight home lasted most of the day and when I finally got home, I was ready to just plop down and close my eyes for a good rest.


A Lab of . . . Monkeys?

Monkey Lab

“YEOW!!” Timothy screeched as the reckless researcher injected him with yet another dose of who-knows-what. This was ridiculous. He had been in this white-washed lab for only two days, and Timothy already felt like Swiss Cheese because of all of the holes that had been made in him for “research.” Unbelievable.


Killer Bunnies’ Quest

Killer Bunnies - Bunnies

The Killer Bunnies . . . Killer as in, killer cool! That’s what they were known by. That’s what they answered to. That’s who they were.

Well, that’s who they thought they were anyway. To the rest of the bunnies, they were just punks with deadly toys and terrible misfortune.


S.O.S. I’m Stranded

Island - Survive

Dear Diary,

Today… Well today was rather depressing. But let me start at the beginning…

It was all a vacation. The most elegant island in the world! That’s what it said on all of the brochures, that’s what all my friends back at home (safe, I must add) said, and most importantly, that’s what our late captain said. So I thought, What the heck?! And foolishly, I signed the contract to get away for three weeks (which was essentially signing away my life, I later realized) . . . (A little too late I might add).


On The Brink

Purple Buildings - Pandemic

It was dark. The sun had just gone down behind the purple mountains in Bangkok. I knew I was running short on time, but I had to continue on. I had no choice. I got into position behind a pretty run-down building, slowly sneaking toward the edge of the alleyway. Suddenly I found a hole […]


Welcome our new game contributor – Trevor


For those who visited our website within the last couple days, you may have already experienced writing from our new game contributor. The recent article “TRAGEDY! Village Mourns For Loss Of Hero; Ghost Slain?” was written by our 15 year old son, Trevor. Up until now, Trevor has mostly been responsible for all our video […]


TRAGEDY! Village Mourns For Loss Of Hero; Ghost Slain?

Chalice - Thunderstone

Last night, in a tragic turn of events, Barrowsdale lost one of its greatest heroes. After being threatened constantly by a ghost seen around Barrowsdale, the villagers began to cower. Fortunately, a beloved hero from the village, (Chalice Paladin, the village’s only cleric) announced publicly, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” And shortly thereafter marched into […]