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Had a blast at Gen Con 2016!

Gen Con 2016

Last week marked a big first for me — my first Gen Con experience! I’ve wanted to go to Gen Con for a number of years and my wish finally came true! It’s the biggest gaming event in North America with 4 straight days of gaming goodness. No matter your gaming interest, there’s something for […]


Karuba – Fun Family Jungle Exploring

Karuba board game

It’s time for your family to venture off on an exploration through dense jungles in search of long-lost treasure.

Join the expedition in Karuba!

Karuba is a fun tile-laying game that’s been a hit in our family. And we think it will be a hit with yours as well.


Star Trek Panic is a blast!

Star Trek Panic board game box

I can still clearly remember the first time we played Castle Panic.

From the very first turn, the monsters streamed from the forest and wrecked havoc on our castle walls and towers. We were on the defensive immediately and it never seemed to let up.

It was awesome!

So when given the chance to play the just-released Star Trek Panic, we didn’t hesitate a second.

And we’re so happy we did — because Star Trek Panic is a blast!


Time to get some Mow Money!

Mow Money board game

In Mow Money, a new family board game from Mayday Games, everyone in the family can try taking a fledgling landscaping business to greatness.

Have you got what it takes to take your neighborhood business to the top?


It’s fun to Bring Your Own Book

Bring Your Own Book family game

We’ve always enjoyed reading books in our family.

Jaden and Caleb in particular absolutely devour books. I don’t know where they got their ability to speed-read, but they read circles around me.

So when we got a recently released game from Gamewright that involves books, we were anxious to play it.

And now that we’ve played it, we can confirm that Bring Your Own Book is a fantastic game for families.


Best Games of 2015! – The Dice Tower Awards

The Dice Tower Awards 2015

The best board games, card games, dice games, family games, and party games of 2015 have now been awarded!

Just a couple days ago, on July 9, The Dice Tower announced the winners of the Dice Tower Awards — the annual crowing of the best board games published.

With thousands of new games published each year, there’s always so many great games to choose from.


Burgle Bros. is a great cooperative board game

Burgle Bros. board game

Just like we’d imagine a real heist to be, Burgle Bros. is a challenging cooperative experience. Players work together to crack 3 safes and escape to the roof in order to win.

However, if they don’t stay clear of the guards, they’ll be caught, rat out the co-conspirators, and lose.

While playing, you’ll feel the tension build as you explore the 3 floors of the bank – setting off alarms, cracking safes to grab the loot, and trying to stay a step ahead of the guards on your way to victory. (Or terrible defeat – which can be a common outcome.)


Light your Lanterns for family fun

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival board game

We’ve never participated in a Chinese Lantern Festival. But we can imagine how cool it would be to see.

After all, we’ve seen the hope lit lanterns can bring in Disney’s movie Tangled. And that led to “happily ever after”, right?

However, our score of participating in a lantern festival is still zero.

Playing Lanterns: The Harvest Festival by Foxtrot Games and Renegade Game Studios is our next attempt at being close to the real thing.


Six board game review

Six board game

It’s fun to sit around the table with everyone for family together time. But it’s also fun to sit down one-on-one with a child and go head-to-head in a fun mental challenge.

And today we’re reviewing such a game by FoxMind: Six

Six is a short 2-player board game that’s simple and enjoyable to play again and again.

And Caleb gives it his highest rating!


Create your own solar system in Planetarium

Planetarium board game

We very rarely talk about games that aren’t yet available in game stores. But every once in a while we discover a game that hits the mark for a great family board game. And Planetarium is such a game.

Planetarium is a fun game with a great balance of strategy and luck that families throughout the galaxy will enjoy playing together.

And if your kids enjoy Planetarium as much as our Caleb does, you’ll be controlling matter and planets for a long time to come.