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Speechless = fun charades without talking

Speechless party game

In Speechless, players all take their turn at acting. However, when it’s a player’s turn, they have a limited time to act out 6 words for everyone else to guess.

Instead of shouting out answers, each player has a dry erase board with 6 lines. They only write down a single word for each thing the person acts out.

So instead of getting closer and closer to the right words by elimination, players just make their best guess and move on.

After the timer runs out, the actor reads the words they were acting out and the other players score their answers.


Broken Token box organizers are fantastic!

The Broken Token game insert

With so many board games in our game closet, we’re always looking for ways to organize our games to save space.

Some of the culprits that take up shelf space are game expansions.

When the games we love come out with game expansions, what are we to do?

Enter The Broken Token box organizers!


Fun Adventures in Legends of Andor

Legends of Andor board game

Are you ready to venture forth with your band of heroes to rid the land of invading creatures and complete dangerous quests?

Then gather your band and dive into the Legends of Andor cooperative board game!

In Legends of Andor, players work together to beat the game over the course of 5 unique scenarios that are revealed through an advancing narrative.


Storytelling Fun with StoryLine: Fairy Tales

StoryLine: Fairy Tale storytelling card game

In StoryLine: Fairy Tales, players collectively create a fairy tale as they contribute cards to the progressive story.

The players who contribute the most creative responses along the way will claim point tokens which will ultimately determine the winner.

But in a game like this, points feel ancillary, because the joy is in the journey.


Top 11 Games and Experiences YTD

Gen Con 2016

So far this year, I’ve already played 142 different games!

As I looked over my list this past weekend, I thought about my favorite gaming moments for the year so far.

In some cases, I thought of particular games I’ve had a blast playing. And in other cases, it’s more about the experience overall.

Here are my Top 11 Games and Experiences of 2016 so far.


Luchador is dice rolling fun!

Luchador dice game

At its heart, Luchador is a straightforward dice rolling game. Players roll dice and compare results. However, with the addition of a Mexican wrestling theme, all of a sudden the game takes on a new life.

With the lucha libre theme, players now have reasons to cheer for certain results. And that makes for fun for all ages.

Luchador can also be played with advanced rules that add a few more elements for older players who want more options.


Ice Cool is so hot!

Ice Cool board game

At Gen Con 2016 last month, Ice Cool was one of the hot games that sold out rather quickly.

I hadn’t heard about it at all before Gen Con. And it’s probably not surprising because Ice Cool is published by Brain Games out of Latvia.

Coming home with 13 games from Gen Con, Ice Cool was one that I was super excited to play because I thought it might go over well with the family.

And boy, was I right!

Ice Cool is a blast to play!


Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a huge hit!

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong board game

Deception has been such a hit in our family that it’s shot past a ton of other games on our “to review” shelf.

This isn’t like a checkout line at the grocery store – first come, first served.

Instead, it’s like at a desert buffet where the tastiest treat gets eaten first.

Or in this case – the game most played is the game next reviewed.

And with more than 15 plays in just two weeks, Deception is screaming for a review.


Brooke loves Clue: Harry Potter edition

Clue: Harry Potter board game

If we were to ask readers to name the most popular board games in the world, we imagine the game Clue would be in the top 5. The list would probably include Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, and Clue. As such, we most likely don’t need to introduce you to Clue. However, we do want to tell you […]


What’s a MOD X?

MOD X board game

MOD X scores very well on our “let’s play again” game meter for a few reasons.

For starters, even though the game is a mental challenge, it doesn’t take long to play. There also isn’t much in the way of game set up. So it’s really easy when one games ends to dive right into playing another.

Also, the back and forth nature of the scoring usually results in close games. So the player or players who get edged out in the end are anxious to give it another go.

And lastly, because it’s fun!