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1775: Rebellion – Control the Colonies

1775 Rebellion board game

This coming weekend is the 4th of July, when we’ll celebrate Independence Day in the US.

So it’s the perfect time to review a board game centered on the American Revolution – 1775: Rebellion.

As you’d expect, 1775: Rebellion is about battling for control of the original British colonies on the American continent.

We seen a lot of history-based games that provide a historical learning experience without delivering any fun. It’s as if their sole purpose is to teach history rather than provide a fun game experience. They just try to couch it in the form of a game.

But this isn’t the case with 1775: Rebellion. Because 1775: Rebellion is actually a very fun game!


Rhino Hero – Silly Fun Stacking game

Rhino Hero children's game

Have you ever wondered how high a rhinoceros could climb?

Well, neither have we.

Until we got a copy of Rhino Hero.

Now we try to push the limits to see how high that little Rhino can get.


Father’s Day – Dad’s New Favorite Games

The Board Game Family

This coming weekend is Father’s Day. It’s the day we give a big shout out to fathers everywhere. Kudos to all the great dads out there who are doing their best to raise their children to be solid contributors in the world. In years past, I’ve taken time over Father’s Day to write sentimental posts […]


Potion power – Apotheca game review

Apotheca game

Apotheca is a light strategy game where players compete to organize potions in the right ways and at the right times to best their opponents.

We very rarely preview upcoming games, but Apotheca interested us enough to take a closer look.

And we’re very happy that we did, because Apotheca is a fun family game that we recommend you check out as well.


Memoir ’44 Operation Overlord

Memoir '44 Operation Overlord board game

Operation Overlord is an expansion to Memoir ’44 that allows up to 8 players to join in a massive WWII battle in a team vs. team approach.

And it’s a lot of fun!

But is it as fun as the normal, 2-player game of Memoir ’44?

Let’s find out.


Animal Upon Animal is a fun Kids Game

Animal Upon Animal board game

Would you ever think of stacking a sheep on top of a porcupine?
Or how about piling a snake on top of a toucan?

Well, in Animal Upon Animal you’ll have the chance to do just that!

Gather the family and see how high you can stack all sorts of animals in this dexterity game by HABA.

Check out Caleb’s short video review of Animal Upon Animal to see if it looks like a good fit for your children.


Dino Race makes Candyland extinct

Dino Race board game

Dino Race is a children’s board game with the cutest dinosaurs you’ll ever find in game.

Players race to get their two dinosaurs safely to the end of the terrain track to gain prizes (points). And the player who gets the egg to safety will also score bonus points.

In addition to the cute dinosaurs, Dino Race also includes high quality components with compelling visuals that kids will enjoy.


Spiel des Jahres 2015 – nominees

Colt Express board game

The 2015 Spiel des Jahres, Kinderspiel des Jahres, and Kennerspiel des Jahres award nominees were announced this week and we’re happy to see that Colt Express is one of the 3 finalists!

For those new to modern board games, the Spiel des Jahres is the major game award each year. In essence, it’s Game of the Year.

The whole purpose behind the Spiel des Jahres is to “promote games as a cultural asset to encourage gaming amongst family and friends”.


Choosing a Family Board Game

board game shelf

We’ve been doing board game and card game reviews for more than 5 years and are extremely familiar with how many games there are to choose from. We’ve posted both video and written reviews of only about 250 games.

I say “only” because there are a few thousand new games published every year!

But even still, our current game review list of 250 games presents a lot of fun games to choose from. So taking some time to think through these 5 Steps to Choosing the Right Board Game before buying a game is a great process we highly recommend.


Celebrate Time for Mom

Happy Mother's Day #TimeForMom

You know what would be really cool?

If we could have either Friday or Monday as a holiday to make it a 3-day weekend for mom!

Sunday May 10th is Mother’s Day in the U.S. and it’s such a wonderful time to pay homage to our mothers. Wouldn’t it be so cool to have it also be a 3-day weekend instead of just one day?