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Game Night Games Top 5 Board Game Recommendations

Top 5 Board Game recommendations

Last week we received the annual Holiday Gift Guide mailer from a great board game store in our area – Game Night Games.

I always love seeing what they include in their mailer and this year they included a number of Top 5 Games lists. So I thought it would be great to share their recommendations.

Why? Because this is their “day job”.

They’re dealing with customers every day, all day and they know what people are most interested in buying and playing. So it’s always a fun activity to see what they list.


Takenoko – Your bamboo garden awaits

Takenoko board game

Have you ever wanted to be a bamboo gardener?
If so, then we’ve got the perfect board game for you!

Ok – so we don’t think you’ve really ever thought of being a bamboo gardener. But we’ve still got a great family board game for you… Takenoko.

Takenoko is a fun family board game where players build a bamboo garden – with the most colorful bamboo you’ve seen.


Build your own Zoo in Zooloretto

Zooloretto board game

We haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t love going to the zoo. It’s fun seeing the wide variety of animals that you can see at a zoo.

So what could be better than a family board game where kids get to build and manage their own zoo!

In Zooloretto, players collect sets of animals and place them in their zoo to score points. The player who does the best job managing the animals in their zoo will be crowned the king of the zoos.


Gravity Maze – Fun 3D Puzzle Game

Gravity Maze puzzle game

When I first heard about Gravity Maze earlier this year, I thought it would be a game that our youngest son, Caleb, would really enjoy.

He loves games that makes him think and he loves a challenge. He also really likes doing some things on his own – like solving puzzles.

So I really shouldn’t be surprised that he gives Gravity Maze one of his highest ratings.


Board Game Gift Guide 2014!

board game gift guide

Hip, hip, hooray – it’s time for our annual Board Game Gift Guide!

It’s time to start your game buying for Christmas and we’re here to help.

With the Christmas shopping rush upon us, it’s best to be prepared with fantastic board game and card game gift ideas for your friends and family.

And that’s where our Board Game Gift Guide can help!


Superfarmer – kids board game review

Superfarmer board game

Superfarmer is a kids board game where up to 4 players compete to become the Super Farmer by multiplying their animals.

Players roll dice, breed animals, and exchange those animals for other animals until they reach the winning conditions of being the first to have an animal herd consisting of at least 1 horse, 1 cow, 1 pig, 1 sheep, and 1 rabbit.


Game of the Year – from 1979 to 2014

Spiel des Jahres

But rather than just take our word for it, this year we thought it would be a great idea to list out the games that have won Game Of The Year!

There are a few sources we could point to for Game of the Year. We often share the Game of the Year as voted on by game reviewers around the world through The Dice Tower Awards.

But there’s also another reliable source for Game of the Year each year and that’s the Spiel des Jahres.


VOLT – Robot battling fun!

Volt board game

How good are you at programming robots?
Are you ready to take on your buddies in a battle of bots to find out?

Well, now you can test your robot-programming prowess in Volt: Robot Battle Arena.

Volt is a fun board game where players use colored dice to program their robots to score points by landing on certain locations and knocking out the other robots.

Players simultaneously choose how they want their robot to move and shoot. Then everyone reveals their commands and the battles begin. After multiple rounds, one robot commander will be victorious.

Will it be you?


Stipulations Party Game = Dream Squashing Fun

Stipulations party game

We’ll cut right to the chase – Stipulations is a great family game and party game!

And it’s also such a simple game.

As the box says, it’s all about “stifling superpowers, crushing careers, limiting lifetime supplies, and destroying dreams. Your imagination and creativity are the only limits on how you can ruin friends’ announcements.”

Or as we like to simply say – “Creatively squashing each others’ dreams.”


6 more Digital Board Games to play

Scotland Yard digital board game

There are a zillion digital games available to give us a break from time to time. The big caution is that we don’t let the ease and availability of so many fun diversions take us away from what truly matters – human relationships.

Don’t let all your time be sucked up in single-player digital games.

Share the enjoyment and play the games with others!

Here are 6 ‘new-to-us’ digital board game implementations we’ve recently played that are fun to play with others.