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One Night Ultimate Werewolf – is one night enough?

One Night Ultimate Werewolf game

Is one night enough to track down werewolves roaming around the village?
Well, in One Night Ultimate Werewolf that’s all the time you’ve got. So you better make it count.

Just like it’s predecessor, in One Night Ultimate Werewolf each player takes on the role of Villager, Werewolf, or a special Villager Role. The Villager team wants to take down at least one Werewolf to win and the Werewolf team wins if no Werewolves die.

But the biggest differences are that there’s only one night phase and no one dies.


Are you the best Boss Monster?

Boss Monster card game

Boss Monster is a dungeon building card game in 8-bit glory. Like the classic side-scrolling video games of decades past, Boss Monster pits heroes against dungeon bosses. But this time you’re the Boss – not the Hero!

Can you build the best dungeon to attract and capture the toughest heroes?


Evolution – Board Game Preview

Evolution is a strategy board game about creating, adapting, and advancing your species to survive and thrive.

In addition to the variety of traits that can be used to make strong species, we enjoy the way Evolution keeps us thinking throughout the game. Even though there’s a turn order, it doesn’t feel like there’s any downtime because we’re always trying to figure out which cards to play.


Kids will love Coconuts

Coconuts board game

Do your kids enjoy throwing/flicking/flinging things around?
What if they had a monkey to fling rubber coconuts around?
Would they enjoy that?

Because that’s exactly what the Coconuts board game is – a dexterity game that kids will love.

After all, they get to use monkeys to fling rubber coconuts.


Tetris in a board game = FITS

FITS board game

Tetris was the only video game that my wife was ever hooked on. When she was younger, she got hooked on Tetris and played it a ton. When passing symbols on signs along the road, her mind would immediately imagine how the shapes would fit into place in Tetris.

So when I first saw the board game FITS a few years ago, I had a big hunch that it would be a game that my wife would enjoy playing.

And I was right!


Gravwell – gravity is your friend!

Board games are a great escape. They can take us away to distant times and places and throw us in contests with our friends and family. They can also drop us in a black hole with no fuel to get home! Welcome to Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension – where the only hope you […]


Best Board Games 2013 – Nominees are in!

Forbidden Desert board game

What are the best board games and card games from 2013? We don’t quite have that answer for you yet. But we do have the list of nominations. The annual Dice Tower Awards recognize the best board games published every year and it’s about that time again. While the award winners won’t be announced until […]


9 Funny-themed Board Games

Abandon Ship

Board games are all about fun!

That’s why funny themes can make board games a blast.

Here’s some of our favorite funny-themed board games that are great to play with your family.


Think Again – party game review

Think Again party game

Don’t you love it when you know the right answer in a trivia game?

When you hear a question that you actually know the right answer to, do you want to jump right out of your chair shouting out the answer?

Well, what if you played a trivia game where you know ALL the answers?
Would you have as much fun?

What if it were a game where the Right answer may be the Wrong response and cost you a point?


Careers – Classic board game I still love!

Today we go back in time to review a game that I, dad, absolutely love from my childhood – Careers!

After all these years, I still love the Careers board game! It’s a game from my childhood that opened my mind to the many possibilities in board games. And it still holds up as a great game!

Episodes #349 and #350 of The Dice Tower podcast that are out this week include segments from contributors where we were asked “What game from your childhood do you remember the most?”

I didn’t hesitate at all.