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Six board game review

Six board game

It’s fun to sit around the table with everyone for family together time. But it’s also fun to sit down one-on-one with a child and go head-to-head in a fun mental challenge.

And today we’re reviewing such a game by FoxMind: Six

Six is a short 2-player board game that’s simple and enjoyable to play again and again.

And Caleb gives it his highest rating!


Create your own solar system in Planetarium

Planetarium board game

We very rarely talk about games that aren’t yet available in game stores. But every once in a while we discover a game that hits the mark for a great family board game. And Planetarium is such a game.

Planetarium is a fun game with a great balance of strategy and luck that families throughout the galaxy will enjoy playing together.

And if your kids enjoy Planetarium as much as our Caleb does, you’ll be controlling matter and planets for a long time to come.


Fugitive – A quick and fun 2-player card game

Fugitive card game

We’ll cut right to the chase (pun intended) — Fugitive is a quick and fun 2-player card game that keeps both players on their toes.

If you’re the Fugitive, you draw cards and play them as Hideouts in order to escape. If you’re the Marshal, you draw cards to get more information to uncover the Fugitive’s hideouts.

Yet, as easy as the game play mechanism of drawing and playing or guessing a card is, there’s enough thinking in Fugitive to keep both players’ minds working the whole game.

And when one game ends, you’ll want to jump right back in and play it again.


Memoir ’44 week for D-Day Commemoration

Memoir '44 board game

This past week I’ve played a lot of Memoir ’44.

And I’ve loved every minute of it!

Those that are familiar with our reviews will know that Memoir ’44 is one of my favorite board games. And it’s my most-played 2-player board game.

Since I first played Memoir ’44 with my buddies, we’ve held an annual D-Day Commemoration game night around June 6.
I always look forward to it and have yet to be disappointed.


Escape The Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor

Escape the Room Mystery at the Stargazer's Manor board game

Since it’s a cooperative experience, Escape The Room can definitely be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

The game box says ages 10+ and the challenges will take some thinking. But that shouldn’t stop you from having younger kids join in the fun.

In our case, my wife and I made sure not to take charge in solving the puzzles, but rather let our kids read the clues, try to solve the challenges, and open all the packets.

But what we liked the most is that even though we let them lead out, we weren’t sitting idly by. It truly felt like a joint deductive effort.


Castles of Mad King Ludwig board game review

Castles of Mad King Ludwig board game

When I heard about the board game Castles of Mad King Ludwig — where you get to build crazy castles — I was very anxious to give it a try.

While I didn’t do very well on my first play, I was totally hooked. I left wanting to play again and again.

Well, it’s finally time to post our full review of Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Enjoy!


Love Letter: The Hobbit – We’re in love

Love Letter: The Hobbit card game

A few months ago we posted our review of Love Letter: Batman.

It’s a card game we’ve really loved playing.

Yet as much as we enjoyed playing it, we were very disappointed in the card art of the female characters. So we took our marker to those cards and made our own art adjustments to cover them up a bit.

It also prompted me to buy another version of the game — a version I was sure I was going to enjoy even before I bought it — Love Letter: The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies.

And I’m not disappointed at all with this edition. We love it!


Put your Magic Minds to the test!

“I bet I can guess what you’re thinking about before you can guess what I’m thinking about.” While we don’t actually say that at the start of a game of Telepathy Magic Minds, we probably could. Because that’s really what the challenge in this board game is all about — being the first to guess the opponent’s secret […]


Ready for some Brain Freeze?

Brain Freeze board game

Are you thinking of a Chocolate Milkshake?
Or a Cherry Snow Cone?
Or a Lime Popsicle?

In Brain Freeze players are trying to guess which treat their opponent is thinking of before that opponent can guess what they’re thinking of.

It’s a great 2-player deduction game that everyone in the family can enjoy.


Best Board Games 2015 – Nominees are set!

Dice Tower Awards 2015

What are the best board games and card games from 2015?

We’ll soon find out because the annual Dice Tower Awards are upon us.

The annual awards recognize the best board games published every year and the 2015 nominees were just announced.
Over 4,000 new board games, card games, dice games, and party game are published each year. So finding the best board games and card games takes a bit of time.

Lucky for you, board game reviewers from around the world take part in The Dice Tower Awards.

Check out this year’s nominees!