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Hit the tropics in Tahiti – board game review

Tahiti board game

The board game Tahiti is a tile-laying game where players set out in their canoes to gather the finest harvest of fruits, vegetables, and spices from the surrounding islands for the tribe.

Players earn glory (victory points) by collecting both variety and quantity of goods over the entire season.

The best gatherer will be named the hero of the tribe.

Tahiti is a fun family game with a good balance of luck and strategy – and of course, also a cool theme.


Coerceo Board Game Giveaway! (and review)

Coerceo board game

When it comes to abstract board games, it’s great to go head-to-head against another player.

That’s why there are plenty of 2-player abstract strategy board games to choose from.

The most popular of course are Chess, Checkers, and Go.

Well, we’ve got another fun one for you to try: Coerceo!

And if you’re lucky, you may be able to win your own copy of the game!

Read on to see how you can win a new, in-shrink copy of Coerceo.


Timeline: American History – card game review

Timeline: American History card game

If you’re looking for a light, short card game for the family, we definitely recommend taking a look at the Timeline series.

The latest game in the Timeline series by Asmodee is Timeline: American History. We’re not sure how much it will appeal to our readers outside the U.S.A., but for those living in America it’s a good addition to the series.

As the name implies, Timeline: American History is focused on historical events in America – such as presidential elections, battles, documents, famous deaths, and other notable events.

So if you’re a history a buff or have kids that are learning their American History, this is definitely the version of Timeline to choose.


Do you want Bugs in the Kitchen?

Bugs in the Kitchen board game

The first game we listed on our Board Game Gift Guide 2014 a few months ago was Bugs in the Kitchen.

Well, now’s the time to take a deeper look at this fun children’s board game.

Actually, we can’t dive too deeply into this board game, because it’s such a straight forward game.

It’s not like there’s a bunch of deep strategy to the game. In fact, I’m not sure if there’s any strategy at all.

Bugs in the Kitchen is strictly for fun.


Red7 – Win each turn or you’re out!

Red7 card game

Red7 can be enjoyed by everyone in the family that understands numbers and colors. Which of course means that plenty of people can enjoy Red7.

The choices on each turn are pretty straight forward, but still require some thought.
It’s fun to see kids think through their options to win every turn.

Plus, kids love to be “winning”.


3 Steps: Organizing Your Board Games

board game shelf

If you have a lot of board games and are continually getting more, you may frequently wonder how to best organize your games.

Here’s our 3 step process on how we evaluate and organize your board game collection.

It’s a great way to give a fresh start to the new year.


Black Fleet – Pirate fun for the family

Black Fleet board game

Avast mateys!

It’s time for another pirate game review.

But don’t think Black Fleet is just another pirate game. Because Black Fleet is more than that – it’s an awesome pirate game for families.

In Black Fleet players get to play both Pirate AND Merchant!

And that’s not all.
Players also get to take on the role of the Navy – keeping the seas free of scoundrel pirates.


127 Games Played in 2014!

Dominion card game

Now that we’ve rolled into 2015, it’s time to look back over all the board games, card games, and party games I’ve played during the past year.

For 2014, I’ve played 127 different games!

While 61 of those games (48%) are just single plays, that means I’ve played 52% of those games at least a couple times.

And just because I’ve only played a game once, doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. There are plenty of those 61 games that I’d love to play many times.


Choice Words party game review

Choice Words party game

The recent holidays have been great for get-togethers with family and friends. It’s always fun to hang out, relax, and catch up with each other. It’s also a great time for pulling out party games. One of the new party games we enjoyed playing over the holidays was Choice Words by MindWare. Everyone in our family gives […]


6 Tips for Learning a New Board Game

Black Fleet board game rulebook

As reviewers, we’re constantly getting new games to figure out and play. And we did get a bunch of new board games for Christmas and have played all but one so far.

Over the last 5 years we’ve posted reviews of 250+ board games, cards games, and party games. Which means we’ve also played a bunch more than that.

So we can attest that some games definitely take more work to figure out than others.