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VOLT – Robot battling fun!

Volt board game

How good are you at programming robots?
Are you ready to take on your buddies in a battle of bots to find out?

Well, now you can test your robot-programming prowess in Volt: Robot Battle Arena.

Volt is a fun board game where players use colored dice to program their robots to score points by landing on certain locations and knocking out the other robots.

Players simultaneously choose how they want their robot to move and shoot. Then everyone reveals their commands and the battles begin. After multiple rounds, one robot commander will be victorious.

Will it be you?


Stipulations Party Game = Dream Squashing Fun

Stipulations party game

We’ll cut right to the chase – Stipulations is a great family game and party game!

And it’s also such a simple game.

As the box says, it’s all about “stifling superpowers, crushing careers, limiting lifetime supplies, and destroying dreams. Your imagination and creativity are the only limits on how you can ruin friends’ announcements.”

Or as we like to simply say – “Creatively squashing each others’ dreams.”


6 more Digital Board Games to play

Scotland Yard digital board game

There are a zillion digital games available to give us a break from time to time. The big caution is that we don’t let the ease and availability of so many fun diversions take us away from what truly matters – human relationships.

Don’t let all your time be sucked up in single-player digital games.

Share the enjoyment and play the games with others!

Here are 6 ‘new-to-us’ digital board game implementations we’ve recently played that are fun to play with others.


Timeline: Americana – putting history in order

Timeline: Americana card game

Asmodee recently released a new card set in the series, Timeline: Americana, that’s specific to America’s history and pop culture – adding another fun challenge to the Timeline series.

How well do you know your American pop culture events?

Which came first:
* “The Twilight Zone” premiers on television or the first skateboard is sold?
* Opening of the Guggenheim Museum or the Opening of the Pentagon?
* M&M’s Candy first sold or Barbie’s first appearance?
* Founding of the city of Hollywood or the Process for making peanut butter patented?

I’m sure you’d love to know the answers, but we’re not going to spill those beans.


Great 5-Player Board Games

K2 board game

“We are looking for fun, quick games to play as part of family home evening. Like everyone, we have a lot of commitments so sometimes we don’t start until late. But I would like to end it with a fun game. Our children are 2 boys, 12 and 15, and a 14 year old girl. What is your favorite, QUICK (15-20 min or less), board or card game?”

While responding to her request, I realized it would make a great list for readers worldwide.

There are many great card games and board games that are well suited for 4 players.
But what about 5 players?


For Sale – Property flipping fun for everyone

For Sale card game

Are your kids great investors?
Do they like to buy low and sell high?
Can they flip a property for a great profit?

The great news is that your kids don’t have to know anything about investing or Real Estate to enjoy playing For Sale.

Instead, For Sale is a great family card game that’s simple to understand and fun to play.


Coup – a fun, quick, bluffing game

Coup card game

It’s a game full of bluffing, guessing, eliminating other players, trying to be the last one standing, and it can be played in under 10 minutes – leaving plenty of time for multiple rematches.

Because you’ll definitely want to play again.


Are you quick enough for Ratuki?

Ratuki card game box

Ratuki is extremely simple to play.

It’s all about being quick to place and collect cards. The more you collect, the more points you get. And the first player to 100 points (over several rounds) wins the game.


100 Best Board Games – What’s your vote?

Memoir '44 board game

“What’s your favorite board game?” When people find out that we review family board games, this is the first question they ask. If not that question exactly, then something along those lines. And I usually answer back with a question. Not because I’m being rude, but because the answer to my favorite board game depends […]


Scotland Yard is a great family board game

Scotland Yard family board game

A couple months ago we had a family reunion where, amongst other things, we played a ton of board games. And one of the board games we enjoyed the most was Scotland Yard. In our recap, we said we’d have to do a review soon because it’s such a good family board game. We’ll now […]