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Timeline Challenge Board Game Review

Timeline Challenge board game

In Timeline, players compete to get rid of their historical event cards by placing them correctly in the growing timeline. But with Timeline Challenge, Asmodee has stepped the game up a notch. This new board game brings a twist to the Timeline games by introducing a variety of historical date challenges.

I don’t know if we’ll ever play Timeline the normal way again.


Duplik party game review

Duplik party game

We recently wrote about Duplik a couple of times since both Mom and Brooke listed Duplik as one of their Favorite Board Games. It’s a fun game we just got a couple months ago and it quickly jumped into a top games spot for both of them.

When you hear it’s a drawing game, don’t be alarmed. You don’t need to be any sort of an artist to win.

How well you draw may not matter, but how fast you draw will have an impact.

Check out Brooke’s video review to see how to play Duplik as well as hear why she likes it so much.


20 Favorite Board Games – Dad

Dad shares his 20 favorite board games!

Now that everyone else in our family has shared their Favorite Board Games, it’s time for me, Dad, to share my favorites.

While everyone else in the family hasn’t updated their list since 2012, I consider my list a bit more frequently.

Last year (Fall of 2014), I posted my Top 100 Best Board Games. However, I didn’t consult that list, nor my 2012 Top 14 Best Board Games, before creating my current Favorites list below. I wanted to think through my favorites completely fresh.


Board Game Gift Guide 2015!

board game gift guide

Once again it’s time for our annual Board Game Gift Guide!

The time of year where we share a bunch of ideas for fun games you can get your family and friends.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, now is a great time to find some great games to enjoy.

And that’s where our Board Game Gift Guide can help!


7 Favorite Board Games – Trevor

board game family

As the oldest child in our family, Trevor was exposed to board games early and often. Once he started showing interest and aptitude in more strategic games as a child, I was more than happy to oblige. Thus, started our rapid expansion of getting fun family board games, card games, dice games and party games […]


Can You Name These 25 Games? #2

Board games

A couple months ago, we created a board game photo quiz that people all around the world loved.
We heard from a lot of readers about how much they enjoyed the quiz and their hope that we’d do it again.

So here it is!

It’s time for another “Can You Name These 25 Games?” photo quiz!


10 Favorite Board Games – Jaden

The Board Game Family

Moving on up the chain, today Jaden shares his list of Favorite Board Games.

While Jaden hasn’t been in front of the review camera as much as either Brooke or Caleb, he’s still done over 30 video reviews!

He has a keen eye for what he likes and dislikes in games. And like the others, his taste in games has also changed as he’s grown.


8 Favorite Board Games – Brooke

Brooke - the Board Game Family

Our next favorite board games list is Brooke’s.

In looking over our video reviews, Brooke has done the most. When there’s a game she loves playing, she’s always quick to ask to do the video review of it.

One thing that was interesting to note in looking over Brooke’s list is that half of the games on her list are also on Mom’s Favorite Board Games list.

But lest you think it’s a case of “like mother, like daughter”, notice that other games on Brooke’s list are ones that mom can’t stand playing.


9 Favorite Board Games – Caleb

The Board Game Family

Now that we’ve shared the all-important Mom’s 12 Favorite Board Games, we’ll move on to the kids, starting with the youngest – Caleb.

Just as the Force is strong with Luke Skywalker, we can sense the Board Game Force being strong with Caleb. Like his father before him, Caleb loves playing all sorts of board games.

When we started doing game reviews, he was 6.
When he made his 10 Top Board Games in 2012, he was 9.
So now at 12, how have his favorite games changed?

It’s time to find out.


12 Favorite Family Board Games – Mom

Favorite family board games mom

Moms are plenty busy. That’s why it can be hard to get her to sit down and play a game.

After all, taking time out to play a game means that something around the house isn’t getting done, right?

That’s why we enjoy it when mom feels relaxed enough to sit down and play a game. And in those moments, of course we’re going opt for games that she’s interested in playing.