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Will digital board games replace the physical?

digital board game small world

With the rise of everything digital, are physical board games on the way out? Can digital board games deliver the same level of enjoyment as their physical versions? It’s a hot topic in the board game industry. Since we started reviewing board games over 4 years ago, the growth of digital board games has skyrocketed. […]


The Board Game Family in the News

Our family was referenced in a news article this week that’s put big smiles on our faces!

We were pleasantly surprised to see us mentioned in The Deseret News article, “Which board games are right for your family?” earlier this week.

We weren’t just happy because we were referenced in the article. We were also happy to see such a great article outlining the wide variety of modern board games that families can enjoy playing together.


Descent Journeys in the Dark – Jam Packed

Descent Journeys in the Dark board game

I finished a project this week that was a lot of fun for me. Since it involved foamcore cutting and gluing it seemed like a kid’s school project (which we’ve done plenty of getting 4 kids through elementary school years).

But the beauty of this project was that it was all mine. Nothing to be graded as a class assignment or judged in a science fair. In fact it will hardly be seen at all – most likely by just my boys and I – since it now resides inside a board game box.

It’s a way to organize all our Descent Journeys in the Dark 2nd edition board game components into 1 game box!


Get Bit! Lose a limb. Tons of fun.

Get Bit card game

You’re a pirate lost at sea with a shark hot on your tail – what will you do?
Good thing your pirate buddies are out in the water with you because now all you’ll have to do is out-swim the other pirates.

Get Bit! is another simple and fun pirate board game that kids will love.

There may not really be a ‘board’ per se and it’s really more of a card game. But what Get Bit! does come with are 6 cool pirate characters with detachable body parts!

Yep – that’s the best part of the game in Caleb’s view too. He shows how much fun it is to pull off pirate limbs in his short video review of Get Bit!


LEGO Juggernaut

LEGO container

By show of hands, who doesn’t have some LEGO bricks lying around their house?

If you’ve got young boys, chances are high that you’ve got LEGOs as well.

With the release of ‘The Lego Movie’ this weekend we’ve got LEGO on the brain. Our son Jaden saw the movie with his friends on Saturday and came back with a big smile on his face. And yep, I’m planning to see it soon too.


Relic Expedition board game now available

Relic Expedition board game

Deep in the heart of some unknown jungle lie many relics just waiting to be discovered. Can you beat your fellow explorers in collecting the treasures and get the next helicopter flight out? And are you equipped well enough to fight off the jungle animals lurking around the bend?

If you’re ready to find out, then join the Relic Expedition.

Relic Expedition is a newly published jungle exploration and collection board game to play with your family. We’re excited about Relic Expedition hitting store shelves this month because we first played and previewed a prototype of the board game last year.


Steam Park Board Game Review

Steam Park board game

I love theme parks!

Whenever I can, I’ll jump at the chance to ride cool roller coasters. I love taking advantage of extra time after business trips to head off to a close amusement park to get those thrills in.

Many years ago, a cool computer game was released called Roller Coaster Tycoon. In the game players build their own theme park complete with roller coasters, food stands, and other amusements to attract customers and earn money. It was a quick purchase for us. After all, who wouldn’t want to put their unique spin on a theme park?


Trivial Pursuit – leave it in the box

Trivial Pursuit party game

There must be a lot of Trivial Pursuit lovers in the world because there’s an excessive number of Trivial Pursuit versions of there. ( has entries for more than 160 Trivial Pursuit game versions!) Or maybe it’s more like Monopoly – a lot of people have the game but it really just collects dust on […]


Walk The Plank board game review

Walk the Plank board game

From all the stories we’ve read and movies we’ve watched, there’s a lot to being a good pirate. Navigating to vast oceans, conquering other ships, keeping your crew in line, and finding treasure to name a few.

And if you turn out to not be a very good pirate, the captain might make you walk the plank.

Yep, that’s what’s about to happen in this silly board game, Walk The Plank.


7 Best Board Games from 2004

Memoir '44 board game

Now that we’ve rolled into 2014, we’re taking a look back at the best board games published 10 years ago – in 2004. This post is actually inspired by The Dice Tower podcast, of which we contribute to from time to time.  If you’re familiar with The Dice Tower, you’ll know that they frequently look back on […]