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Star Wars Rebellion – May the 4th be with you!

Star Wars: Rebellion board game

Every once in a while a game comes along that totally captures my attention.

Star Wars Rebellion is such a game!

It was released last year by Fantasy Flight Games and once again, the completely knocked it out of the park!


Ubongo, Tokaido, Onirim, oh my!

Ubongo digital game

We take a look at 3 new board games and card games that have gone digital: Ubongo Puzzle Challenge, Tokaido, and Onirim.

All 3 offer their own unique experience.

Are you up for a Tetris-like spacial challenge, a peaceful oriental journey, or a dreamscape solitaire game?


Santorini rocks as a 2-player board game!

Santorini board game

Santorini gets a very hearty recommendation from us on being a great board game the whole family can enjoy.

It scores off the charts on our “let’s play again” game meter for many reasons.

The younger kids in your family will be drawn to the game because of how wonderful it looks and because they’ll get to play with building blocks to make a cool island city. But they’ll also discover that using their mind is super fun.

And adults will find an engaging level of depth in the game. There’s plenty to think about during a game that makes for a wonderful head-to-head challenge.


Control card game review

Control card game

You’re a time traveler caught in a rupture in spacetime and displaced outside time. And to add to your worries, your time machine has been drained of fuel.

So you must refuel your time machine using Fuel Cells to escape the rupture.
Yet only one time traveler will be able to do so.

So if you don’t want to be lost outside time, you better be the one to close the rupture and escape.

That’s the premise in a new card game by Keymaster Games called Control.


Get your game boxes in order

Insert Here game insert Scoville

Our experience with Insert Here game inserts have been fantastic.

One of the things we love the most about them is how light they are. Since they’re made of foam core material, they don’t add any weight to the game itself. And when you’re talking about a game with tons of components, no additional weight is a great thing.

Another element we love across the board with all their inserts is how quick it makes both game set up and take down.


Are you smarter than a Box of Rocks?

Box of Rocks game

You may have never considered the question, but do you think you’re smarter than a box of rocks?

How about your family members and friends?

Well, now you can settle this unusual quandary!

Grab a copy of Box of Rocks and find out how smart you, your family, and friends are.


The Joke’s On You!

Machi Koro card game inside

It’s like an April Fool’s joke on unsuspecting families.

We see an enticing board game sitting on the shelf and think of the great stuff packed inside.

But when we open our new game box, it’s mostly empty space.

What a disappointment!

Sure the game may be very fun to play, but we still carry a feeling of being tricked.


Let’s battle over some European Royals!

Royals board game

To be honest, I wasn’t tempted by Royals when I first came across it. The setting was very impressive at Gen Con.

They had a big Royals banner backdrop and a couple copies of the game set up to play on a nice table with a fancy throne at end.But the theme of influencing nobles across a map of Europe just didn’t appeal to me. At first blush, it all seemed kind of blah.

And then I played the game…

To my surprise, I found myself very engaged in the game and was disappointed when we were told that our game demo would end after just the first round!


Marrakech is a pleasant surprise!

Marrakech board game

When I first heard about this rug market game called Marrakech, I sure didn’t think much of it. But I gave it a try and was quite surprise by how much I enjoyed it!

I’m happy to report that it’s been equally well received by all those we’ve introduced it to.

I could say it’s the best rug market board game I’ve ever played because it’s the only board game about rug markets I’ve played.

But it turns out that Marrakech is actually a fun family board game.


Mysterium and Potion Explosion Digital reviews

Mysterium digital board game

Earlier this week we shared our review of the fun cooperative deduction board game, Mysterium. And back in December we shared our review of the fun family board game, Potion Explosion.

Today we’re happy to share our reviews of the recently released digital implementation of both games!