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Travel the world with Expedition: Famous Explorers

Expedition Famous Explorers board game

As we draw to the close of summer, many families are fondly looking back on their fun family vacations. Others are still trying to cram in a trip in the last weeks before kids head back to school. Whether it’s still to come or just happened, family vacations can be a blast. With a couple […]


King of New York – Can’t Wait!

King of New York board game

When we heard the game publisher, iello, was going to make King of New York, it was immediately added to our “games we can’t wait for” list.

The details on the release of King of New York are hush-hush for another week. The big promotion starts next week at GenCon (the largest board game convention in the US). So we’re really looking forward to hearing more soon.

But prior to that, we’ve got something special to share – an exclusive sneak peek at one of the cards: Broadway Star


Card Game Preview: Dead Man’s Draw

Dead Man's Draw card game

As you can see in the video, it’s a very quick playing game with simple choices. The most basic choice is simply – do you reveal and play another card or stash what you’ve played so far?

Press your luck too much and you’ll be saying goodbye to the treasure.

And in our experience, everyone in the family enjoys press-your-luck type games.


Best Games of 2013 – The Dice Tower Awards!

The best board games, card games, dice games, family games, and party games of 2013 have now been awarded!

With more than 3,000+ new games published in 2013, there were a ton to choose from.

But the 40+ top board game reviewers around the world were up to the challenge.


Which board games to play? Tough choice

family board games

This week we’re having a family reunion and I’m in charge of supplying the games.

Of course, supplying board games to play for the occasion isn’t a big surprise. It’s really something I do anyway whenever we get together with family.

The toughest question is which games to take…


Summer vacation time! 10 Days in the Americas

10 Days in the Americas board game

With family trips on our mind, we’ve got a great family board game series suggestion for you – the “10 Days” series – by Out of the Box.

There are currently 5 games in the series:

10 Days in the USA
10 Days in Africa
10 Days in Europe
10 Days in Asia
10 Days in the Americas


Grab the chunky wooden blocks

Quadefy board game

We’ve got 2 games to tell you about today – Eternas and Quadefy.

Both games are 2-player games published by Maranda Enterprises and both have fantastic wooden components.
When you pick up one of these games boxes, you’ll feel the hefty weight of these pieces.

And the quality of the wood is perfect for table-top play. In fact, both of these are games that you could leave out on the table, or office desk for great conversations starters and quick challenges to family, friends, or coworkers.


Freedom: The Underground Railroad

Freedom: The Underground Railroad is a very well-designed cooperative board game where players work together as abolitionist characters to free the slaves.

The great news is that even though the game deals with a serious historical topic, it isn’t an oppressive experience. Yes, the theme is very well integrated. But it’s also a very well designed game.

It’s a challenge to win and it will definitely require working together well to achieve your goal.
And that’s an enjoyable, shared experience.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf – is one night enough?

One Night Ultimate Werewolf game

Is one night enough to track down werewolves roaming around the village?
Well, in One Night Ultimate Werewolf that’s all the time you’ve got. So you better make it count.

Just like it’s predecessor, in One Night Ultimate Werewolf each player takes on the role of Villager, Werewolf, or a special Villager Role. The Villager team wants to take down at least one Werewolf to win and the Werewolf team wins if no Werewolves die.

But the biggest differences are that there’s only one night phase and no one dies.


Are you the best Boss Monster?

Boss Monster card game

Boss Monster is a dungeon building card game in 8-bit glory. Like the classic side-scrolling video games of decades past, Boss Monster pits heroes against dungeon bosses. But this time you’re the Boss – not the Hero!

Can you build the best dungeon to attract and capture the toughest heroes?