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Last day of fun at SaltCon 2016 – Day 3

SaltCon 2016 games traded

After a couple great days at SaltCon, I was looking forward to one final day of fun.

So with just a few hours of sleep, I was happily diving back into action before the main gaming hall opened.

Knowing it was the final day of SaltCon, I had to make the most of the day playing games at the top of my want-to-play list. And there were still many people I was hoping to meeting up with before the end of the con. It would be a busy and fun day!


Fun at SaltCon 2016 continued – Day 2

SaltCon 2016

After a full Day 1 at SaltCon 2016 into the wee hours, I headed to my hotel room for a few hours of sleep before diving back into many more tabletop games on Day 2.

Of course, in addition to playing games, I took more time on Friday to visit with the exhibitors in the game hall and talk to publishers and game designers. I also perused the Game Swap area every now and then for a hidden game gem.

After the main game hall opened that morning, I once again found a couple friends and we headed for the Hot Games area.

Now on to mini game reviews of the 11 games I played on Day 2!


Had a Lot of Fun at SaltCon 2016

SaltCon 2016 Day 1 board games

This past weekend I joined in with 1,124 others to play a ton of board games at SaltCon 2016.

The board game convention, SaltCon was held this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and I was happy I could attend all 3 days this year. I made sure to get the time off work as well as the time away from home. That way I could completely immerse myself in the fun and play as late as I wanted every night.

Now that I’ve rested up a bit, it’s time to look back on all the fun.


Sheriff of Nottingham – Please let me pass

Sheriff of Nottingham board game

What do you do when your sweet little daughter looks you in the face and declares that she’s just trying to take 4 baskets of apple to market?

You open and inspect her bag of course!

Especially when you believe she may be trying to sneak some illegal silk or other contraband past you.

Of course, after you inspect her bag and find 4 baskets of apples, you’ll have to pay her 8 coins as a penalty and you’ll think twice about inspecting her bag next time. Because you can rest assured that there will be a next time.


Between Two Cities – why stop with just one city?

Between Two Cities board game

Between Two Cities is a very simple and fun game to play.

In the game, each player constructs two 4×4 tile cities made out of different types of building tiles. Each building type scores in a unique manner depending on how many and where they’re placed in the city.

However, players don’t construct their own cities. Instead, each city is built between two players. The neighboring players jointly construct the cities between them during the game.

It’s definitely a unique tile-laying, city-building game and one we really enjoy.


Dice City Review and Giveaway!

Dice City family game

It’s time to build the best city around!

As the name so aptly describes, Dice City is a game about building your city using dice.

If you saw our review of Machi Koro last week, you may be thinking, “Didn’t I just read a review about a city-building dice game?”

While the short answer is “Yes”, the long answer is “We’ve got another game for you to check out – Dice City.”


Machi Koro – Build your city in style

Machi Koro card game

Machi Koro is a quick family game where players compete to build their cities to become the largest in the region.

Players do this by rolling dice, collecting money, buying establishments, and ultimately building 4 landmarks. Because the first player to complete all 4 of their landmarks wins the game.


Let’s head to Venice! Rialto board game review

Rialto board game

Caleb doesn’t care about Venice or gondolas.

So why was he so interested in playing Rialto again and again?

Because it’s a board game that keeps him thinking and strategizing. The multitude of decisions and the way they all factor into the outcomes really caught his interest. And he wanted to feel that mental surge again and again.


Love Letter: Batman card game review

Love Letter Batman card game

If our 10 plays in the last few weeks is any indication, it’s clear that Love Letter: Batman is a hit with our family!

With how often we’re playing it, I don’t know if it will even make it’s way to the game closet. The little bag of cards and tokens just hangs around ready to play any time.

Every time we’ve played Love Letter: Batman we’ve had a great time laughing at how it plays out.


Roll For The Galaxy is dice rolling goodness

Roll for the Galaxy dice game

With 111 custom dice, you can expect to do a lot of dice-rolling in Roll For The Galaxy.

However, mountains of dice aren’t all that’s included in the game.

While dice rolling may be the centerpiece of the game, the game wouldn’t be complete without all the 55 double-sided tiles. Because it’s those tiles that you’ll be working with to explore, develop, and settle throughout the game on your way to galactic victory!