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Dice City Review and Giveaway!

Dice City family game

It’s time to build the best city around!

As the name so aptly describes, Dice City is a game about building your city using dice.

If you saw our review of Machi Koro last week, you may be thinking, “Didn’t I just read a review about a city-building dice game?”

While the short answer is “Yes”, the long answer is “We’ve got another game for you to check out – Dice City.”


Machi Koro – Build your city in style

Machi Koro card game

Machi Koro is a quick family game where players compete to build their cities to become the largest in the region.

Players do this by rolling dice, collecting money, buying establishments, and ultimately building 4 landmarks. Because the first player to complete all 4 of their landmarks wins the game.


Let’s head to Venice! Rialto board game review

Rialto board game

Caleb doesn’t care about Venice or gondolas.

So why was he so interested in playing Rialto again and again?

Because it’s a board game that keeps him thinking and strategizing. The multitude of decisions and the way they all factor into the outcomes really caught his interest. And he wanted to feel that mental surge again and again.


Love Letter: Batman card game review

Love Letter Batman card game

If our 10 plays in the last few weeks is any indication, it’s clear that Love Letter: Batman is a hit with our family!

With how often we’re playing it, I don’t know if it will even make it’s way to the game closet. The little bag of cards and tokens just hangs around ready to play any time.

Every time we’ve played Love Letter: Batman we’ve had a great time laughing at how it plays out.


Roll For The Galaxy is dice rolling goodness

Roll for the Galaxy dice game

With 111 custom dice, you can expect to do a lot of dice-rolling in Roll For The Galaxy.

However, mountains of dice aren’t all that’s included in the game.

While dice rolling may be the centerpiece of the game, the game wouldn’t be complete without all the 55 double-sided tiles. Because it’s those tiles that you’ll be working with to explore, develop, and settle throughout the game on your way to galactic victory!


Dimension puzzle game review

Dimension puzzle game

In Dimension, players must build their own pyramid using colored spheres before the timer runs out. It isn’t a race to see who can build their pyramid the fastest.

Instead, the crux of the game is making sure your pyramid complies with the 6 placement rules each round.

It can be a bit tricky. But each round goes by so quickly, it’s easy to play over and over while enjoying one another’s company.


Codenames party game review

Codenames is an engaging word party game where 2 teams compete to locate their agents amidst a 5 x 5 grid of words on the table.

Each team has one Spymaster who can give a 1-word clue each round for their teammates to locate their agents. Spymasters need to think creatively and their teammates need to decipher the clues well to find their agents first.

With 200 double-sided cards, the possible mix of words in the grid are endless – creating a game with a ton of replay value. It’s a game that anyone can join in having fun playing.


Enjoying new games this week

Christmas board games to play

With the kids out of school for two weeks and myself having time off from work during the holidays, it’s a fantastic time for playing board games!

To add to the holiday fun, we’ve had a very white Christmas. Aside from shoveling the driveway and walks many times over the last week, we love having thick blankets of snow everywhere.

The deep snow also makes for a great time to cozy up inside near the fireplace and watch movies and play games. We’ve had our Star Wars run (watching episodes 1-6 over the last month in prep for The Force Awakens last week), as well as a handful of Harry Potter movies. And we’ve had some great laughs playing Just Dance, Mario Party 9, and Rayman Raving Rabbids.

We also took advantage of the fresh snow on some good sledding hills nearby. And of course, we’ve played a bunch of board games.


Be Ready For Your New Games

Christmas board games

If your family finds new board games under your Christmas tree this week, you’re in for a treat.

You’re also in for some learning time. Because in order to know how to play those shiny new games, you’ll first have to learn how to play them.

Your kids won’t want to wait while you to read all the rules. They’ll just want to play.

You’re in luck because we’ve got some tips for you.


Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game review

Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game

It’s time to head into a galaxy far, far away! With Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting movie theaters this week, we couldn’t wait any longer to post our review of Star Wars: Imperial Assault. You may have seen mentions of the game pop up on our site before now. We’ve included it in our […]