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Luchador is dice rolling fun!

Luchador dice game

At its heart, Luchador is a straightforward dice rolling game. Players roll dice and compare results. However, with the addition of a Mexican wrestling theme, all of a sudden the game takes on a new life.

With the lucha libre theme, players now have reasons to cheer for certain results. And that makes for fun for all ages.

Luchador can also be played with advanced rules that add a few more elements for older players who want more options.


And Then There Were 2

Jaden mission

On Wednesday, Jaden headed out on his 2-year mission to serve the people in Singapore and Malaysia!

He’s been looking forward to this day for so long and it’s so exciting that it’s finally here.

He was all smiles as we dropped him off at the Missionary Training Center where he would spend the next couple months learning Mandarin Chinese before making his way to Singapore.

In fact, everyone was all smiles.

There’s not doubt it’s an emotional moment.


Gen Con 2016 Game Publisher Interviews

Gen Con 2016

Earlier this week I shared an overview of my first Gen Con experience.

I had a great time being immersed in the spectacle of so much gaming goodness. But without a doubt, the best part for me was meeting with people I’ve only interacted with via email and online for so many years.

And many of these were board game publishers with fun games that we’ve done reviews of.

If you’d like to jump to a video interview of one of these fabulous game publishers, simply click on their name in the list below.


Had a blast at Gen Con 2016!

Gen Con 2016

Last week marked a big first for me — my first Gen Con experience! I’ve wanted to go to Gen Con for a number of years and my wish finally came true! It’s the biggest gaming event in North America with 4 straight days of gaming goodness. No matter your gaming interest, there’s something for […]


Best Games of 2015! – The Dice Tower Awards

The Dice Tower Awards 2015

The best board games, card games, dice games, family games, and party games of 2015 have now been awarded!

Just a couple days ago, on July 9, The Dice Tower announced the winners of the Dice Tower Awards — the annual crowing of the best board games published.

With thousands of new games published each year, there’s always so many great games to choose from.


Memoir ’44 week for D-Day Commemoration

Memoir '44 board game

This past week I’ve played a lot of Memoir ’44.

And I’ve loved every minute of it!

Those that are familiar with our reviews will know that Memoir ’44 is one of my favorite board games. And it’s my most-played 2-player board game.

Since I first played Memoir ’44 with my buddies, we’ve held an annual D-Day Commemoration game night around June 6.
I always look forward to it and have yet to be disappointed.


Best Board Games 2015 – Nominees are set!

Dice Tower Awards 2015

What are the best board games and card games from 2015?

We’ll soon find out because the annual Dice Tower Awards are upon us.

The annual awards recognize the best board games published every year and the 2015 nominees were just announced.
Over 4,000 new board games, card games, dice games, and party game are published each year. So finding the best board games and card games takes a bit of time.

Lucky for you, board game reviewers from around the world take part in The Dice Tower Awards.

Check out this year’s nominees!


Steampunk Rally building & racing fun!

Steampunk Rally board game

Playing Steampunk Rally reminds me of building crazy contraptions with LEGOs as a kid and racing them around the room.

Sure they could have some wheels hooked on like you’d expect in a race car. But wheels weren’t required because I’d just imagine they were rocket-propelled and could fly instead.

And I could lose a part here or there and it wouldn’t really matter because I’d adjust and keep on flying.

If you’ve ever done such imaginary races, then you’ll have a good feel for what it’s like to play Steampunk Rally.


The Game Canopy = best game bag!

The Game Canopy

How do you carry your board games when you’re heading out somewhere else to play?

We’ve used a variety of options when going away for a family vacation, extended family gathering, or off to game night — such as plastic totes, cloth bags, and standard duffle bags.

Some of those options severely limit the amount of games we can take and don’t protect the games very well.

But recently we found out about The Game Canopy, by Level 3B, and now the issue is solved!


Last day of fun at SaltCon 2016 – Day 3

SaltCon 2016 games traded

After a couple great days at SaltCon, I was looking forward to one final day of fun.

So with just a few hours of sleep, I was happily diving back into action before the main gaming hall opened.

Knowing it was the final day of SaltCon, I had to make the most of the day playing games at the top of my want-to-play list. And there were still many people I was hoping to meeting up with before the end of the con. It would be a busy and fun day!