Emergence Dark Ops

Earlier this year, we posted about a Ultimate Board Game Giveaway. It was a joint giveaway by indie board game publishers where 1 lucky person would win 8 board games.

Well, now one of those game publishers has a new game ready to go.

The game is Emergence Dark Ops and is a standalone sequel to Emergence – which raised close to $100,000 on Kickstarter last year.

In Dark Ops, players compete in a Battle Royale: free-for-all format against one another.

Emergence Dark Ops board game

Form soft alliances and compete in a battle royale format against one another in this dystopic boardgame for 2-6 players.


Players collect data on the board and get it to their home base to either upgrade abilities for future use, or immediately score points.

Each player is given a secret “target player”. If players limit their target to the least amount of points, they’ll score bonus points – possibly enough to carry them to victory.

Of course, that also means other players are trying to do the same in return. However, players won’t win Emergence by keeping to themselves. They must build soft alliances along the way – which can also be broken to gain an advantage and control the board.

Emergence Dark Ops board game

Emergence Dark Ops is packed with components.


There are a number of elements of the game that sound intriguing to us. For starters, we really like games with simultaneous selections or actions. Having this in a game limits downtime and keeps everyone engaged. We also like games where you can gain additional abilities along the way. And Emergence Dark Ops also includes this element.

You can read more about the different game elements as well as How to Play on the Kickstarter page.

Once there, you’ll also notice the funding goal has already been reached. So you know the game will be published!

Check out the Kickstarter for Emergence Dark Ops.

Emergence Dark Ops board game



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