Karuba’s game insert even speeds up play

Karuba board game

A fun family game gets organized.

It’s time to put another game insert from Insert Here to the test.

You may already know we’re fans of foam core game inserts. Not only do they keep the game components nicely organized, they’re also very light. So there’s hardly any added weight to the game box.

It’s even better when the game insert itself helps the game function more smoothly.

Well, that’s what Rob Searing (Insert Here) has done with the custom game insert for Karuba!

Not only does the insert keep the components organized for each player, it also has a slider that keeps the game tiles upright while playing!

Check out our video review of the Karuba game insert from Insert Here to see it in action.

If you’re unfamiliar with Karuba, you can check out our video review of Karuba here.

In the game players place pathway tiles on their personal boards to help their adventurers get to the temples and collect gems along the way.

All players place the same number tile on their boards at the same time. One player randomly draws tiles, calls out the number and then every player places that number wherever they’d like on their board.

So the game goes much more quickly when players have their tiles numerically organized.

Insert Here Karuba game insert

Each player gets their own tray of components. And the tiles can be stored in numerical order to make set up a breeze.

Well, the Karuba game insert from Insert Here is perfect for this. Rather than all the tiles tossed in a baggie like we had before, they can now be stored in numerical order and remain that way until we pull it out again.

Set up is a breeze now.

We just pull the game out, hand out the player trays will all their pieces and tiles in order and we’re ready to play.

Insert Here Karuba game insert

Everything has its place and the boards still sit nicely on top.

But the best part is the slider in the tray that let’s players shrink the area where the tiles are as they remove tiles along the way. Without that slider, the tiles would fall down and lay flay in the narrow tray — making them harder to grab.

Nice touch Rob!

Insert Here Karuba game insert

The slider that keeps the tiles upright is so sweet.

Of course, the only catch is that players place the tiles back in order when cleaning up after the game. But that actually takes less time with all the tiles face up on the game boards than it does when pouring the tiles out of baggies before a game.

The only downside we’ve found is that there’s plenty of empty space in the individual insert trays inside the box. But that’s not a factor of the game insert. That’s just because the box size is determined from the size of the player boards.

Insert Here Karuba game insert

There’s still plenty of empty space, but pieces don’t get mixed up while even stored upright.

But Rob has filled in the space nicely with the inserts so that the box can still be stored upright and everything remains perfectly in place.

We tried our own hand at making a custom foam core insert a few years ago for Descent: Journeys in the Dark. And one thing we learned rather quickly is how much time it can take. It was fun, but took a few hours.

Well, Insert Here makes great game inserts for over 200 popular board games! So you don’t have to spend hours figuring it all out on your own and then putting them together. They all come assembled and ready to be placed straight in the box.

I don’t know now much you make per hour at your job, but I figure the cost of a game insert from Insert Here vs. doing one yourself is totally worth it!

Go check out the Insert Here website — I’m sure you’ll find a great game insert for your favorite game.

We’d like to thank Insert Here for the review copy of the Karuba game insert. 



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