Win 8 New Board Games!

Villages of Valeria

Win this and 7 more new board games!

Yes, you read the title right — you can win 8 new board games!

We know you’re interested in fun board games or you wouldn’t be on our site.

And we’d guess that you’re probably also interested in winning some upcoming games.

Well, now you’ve got the chance to do just that in the Ultimate Indie Board Game Giveaway.

This joint effort by a number of indie publishers will grant one lucky person 8 of the newest board games of 2017.

It’s super simple to enter. Just complete at least one of the items listed below.

Of course, the more you do, the more entries you’ll get to improve your odds of winning.

If you’d like more info on each of the games in the giveaway, you’re in luck because clicking on the links for more info will give you entries in the contest as well!

One that I’m interested in is Villages of Valeria. I had a great time playing Valeria: Card Kingdoms and Quest of Valeria a couple weeks ago at SaltCon and would love to try more games in Valeria.

Good luck!

The Ultimate Indie Board Game Giveaway



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