Top 10 Board Games of All Time

Top 10 Board Games

Time for a Top 10 rundown.

This time of year, many board game video reviewers run through their Top 100 Games of All Time.

With thousands of new and fun board games being published every year, these reviewers take time to adjust their lists and publish an update to their Top 100 games.

While we haven’t gone so far as to do a Top 100 Games every year, we have occasionally updated our Top Game lists – mostly being around a Top 10 or so.

Our most popular list over these many years of game reviews turns out to be Mom’s Top Games lists.

Both of mom’s Top Top 12 Family Games lists — one from 2012 and one from 2015 — continue to be our most popular posts on our site!

The rest of us have posted lists as well, but they’re just not as popular as mom’s.

Perhaps moms are still the ones most on the lookout for great family board games.

The Discriminating Gamer

The Discriminating Gamer updates his Top 100 games of all time.

But that also doesn’t stop us from tying.

Recently, I was invited by The Discriminating Gamer to join him for his final segment of his rundown of his Top 100 Games of All Time.

It’s a series of 10 videos where he runs through 10 different games starting with numbers 100 down to 91.

A few weeks ago I joined him as we counted down from 10 to 1 — describing why we love these games.

And last week he posted the video of us counting down our Top 10 Games. Check it out!

You may notice in the video, our lists are quite different. Much of that probably comes down to who we play most of our games with.

I’ve been familiar with Cody of The Discriminating Gamer for many years because he used to be in many plays at our top notch community theater, The Hale Center Theatre in Salt Lake City. We enjoyed watching him in a number of plays over the years.

Then a few years ago, I saw him pop up on YouTube as a board game reviewer and started enjoying his game video reviews. Since then we’ve met briefly a couple of times at SaltCon. And this year I finally started getting to a few of his regular game nights.

Anyway, he plays tons of games, produces great video reviews, has a discerning eye, and is a great guy. If you’re not familiar with his reviews, you can check them out at

And if you haven’t yet watched the video and you’re a good guesser, perhaps this image will give you a hint to the games I share in the Top 10 Games of All Time video with Cody.

Top 10 Board Games

My current Top 10 board games.



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