Scythe Factory is a great addition

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

Ready to assemble Meeple Realty’s Scythe Factory.

When you’ve got something you love, you want to treat it with care.

The same holds true for board games.

A game you love will get played a lot. And when you play a game a lot, it may start to show signs of wear.

That’s why a lot of people sleeve their card games — to keep the cards from getting marked up.

But the same holds true for other board game components as well.

Rather than having cool game pieces get banged around inside the game box, more and more people are now buying game inserts to organize the components in games they love.

As such, the market for box organizers and game inserts has taken off the last couple years.

This rise in demand has also fueled in increase in the options and quality of such inserts.

And today we’d like to introduce you to such a quality insert from Meeple RealtyScythe Factory.

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

There’s plenty of components in Scythe and the Scythe Factory is wonderful for them.

That’s right, Meeple Realty puts such attention to their organizers they even name them.

As you can imagine, Scythe Factory is an insert for the very popular new game this year — Scythe.

And naming the game insert “Scythe Factory” is fitting for a couple reasons. First, the central city in Scythe is called “The Factory”. And second, the insert itself is a working machine!

Scythe Factory has working gears that are very fitting of the whole theme of the game.

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

That’s right – there are working gears with this insert!

Meeple Realty has done a fantastic job with this insert!

Check out our video review to see for yourself how cool it is.

As you can see in our video review, Scythe Factory is a great way to store all the components in Scythe.

You may think assembling an insert this detailed may be complicated and take a long time. However, because of the good step-by-step instructions, it’s rather easy to do.

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

First step, see what you’ve got.

There are plenty of pieces to put together in Scythe Factory. But the first step is punching them all out.

For the most part, the pieces came apart fairly easily.

I had a little utility knife and sandpaper at the ready. And while I only needed the utility knife once, I used the sandpaper to smooth down a number of the points where the pieces had been attached.

The pieces I worked on first were the compartments for the resources in the game.

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

The resources spots are clearly labeled.

It was an easy choice for me to put these together first because they aren’t the items with moving parts. Plus, putting together square or rectangular elements is very straightforward.

After the resources tray, I moved on to the tray for the money.

Not only does the tray for the money bring in some artistic elements from the game itself, it’s also sized so the resources tray fits perfectly on top of it. They nest very well together and have a lid to keep the resources in their sections.

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

The resource tray fits nicely on top of the money tray.

Next, I assembled the card holders.

These are cool pieces because some of the areas even had a wooden piece that acts like a gate to lift out of the way for removing the cards. This way, they stay in place while in the box, but are still easy to get to.

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

The areas for the cards are also clearly labeled and the ends act like gates.

After those, I was ready to dive into the central elements of the insert — the Faction holders.

One portion holds all the colored wooden components for each faction. And the top portion holds the Characters and the Mechs.

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

Putting the Faction portions together.

As shown in the video as well, there are three really cool parts to the faction portion.

First is that the characters snap into place very snuggly.

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

Areas for the Faction leaders include their icons. They snap right in.

Second is that the Mechs slide into their areas smoothly and stay well kept while there. Storing the game box on its side won’t impact the miniatures in the game at all. They’ll stay in place the whole time.

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

The Mechs line up nicely behind their characters.

The Third cool part is the moving gears and hooks.

The moving gears trigger when raising the gate for the Mechs. Doing so also moves the hooks that hold the top and bottom portions of the Faction portions together.

It’s a super slick set up and this is where the insert truly earns it’s name — Scythe Factory.

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

The bottom portion with the wooden bits is stored below the Mechs.

Scythe Factory all comes together wonderfully!

The only downside to having the Scythe Factory is that it’s clear to see empty rows for the 2 factions included in the Scythe Invaders From Afar game expansion!

Scythe Factory Meeple Realty game insert

Everything fits nicely in its place.

The faction and player boards fit over the card tray and the game board and rules sit on top of them all.

There’s also additional space above in case you’ve got the expanded game board.

All in all, Meeple Realty knows how to construct a game insert that’s both functional and artistic!

If you know someone that loves board games, how about giving them a cool board game insert from Meeple Realty for Christmas?

P.S. If you’d like to know more about the board game Scythe, you can jump over to our review, “17 Things I Love About Scythe“.

We’d like to thank Meeple Realty for this review copy of Scythe Factory.




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